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  • Apple reportedly aims to integrate own 5G modem in iPhone by 2022

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    It's a logical (and correct) move and better late than never.

    At this rate they could end up around three years late to market and going up against competing third or fourth generation integrated modems, but from a consumer perspective, performance isn't really that big of an issue (borne out by the intel experience) as long as the core technology is in the phone. Be it an on SoC Apple designed 5G multimode modem or a QC part which isn't on the SoC.

    They will also have to make sure that the corresponding antennas do a great job too because antenna performance is important the user experience although most don't give it a second thought when buying a phone.

    That's why the Mate 30 Pro 5G has 21 bleeding edge antennas in it. 14 alone for 5G, and antennas will be increasingly important as the industry moves to 5G.

    A 5G Antenna white paper was officially released just two days ago at the Global Antenna Technology & Industry Forum held in Amsterdam.


    Lots of focus on success in the C band and AI and beam forming. A new commercially deployed 5G milestone was hit recently in Switzerland:


    It won't be easy in the time frame suggested here but I think designing an in-house modem makes sense in the long run.

    Being three years late to market might benefit Apple since the current crop of 5G cell phone modems are a hot mess right now. Kinda like being late to the folding cell phone market. 
    The problem is that 5G cell modems aren't a 'hot mess'. The second gen Balong 5000 is already shipping - on SoC - and both Huawei and Qualcomm will be shifting huge numbers of 5G phones in the middle tiers within months:


    Long before Apple gets its 5G QC modem onto the market, competitors will be flooding it with non flagship 5G products.

    Rumours claim Huawei already has its 5nm Kirin 1000 in trial production and it is probable that a third generation Balong 5G chip will be on it.

    Samsung and Mediatek also have their own efforts rolling out.

    We Tested 5G Across America. It’s Crazy Fast—and a Hot Mess

    That's it?

    One phone. One modem. One country? And even then, only above a certain temperature?

    That's your case against 5G in its entirety?

    You are struggling.

    The X50 (in the phone in question) was QC's first gen offering. Now they have the X55 and a third generation in a couple of months.

    Anyway, QC isn't 5G, is it?

    If you want to criticise 5G, take a broader look. Why not try with what I wrote further up?

    If the Kirin 990 has an on SoC multimode 5G modem, do you really think heat is an issue? If QC has already announced on SoC 5G offerings, do you think heat is an issue? If Huawei stacked 3GB of memory on top of the Balong 5000, was heat an issue? And even if it were, is pulling back to 4GLTE a huge problem when heat is too much. Would you rather NOT have 5G on your phone in spite of having access to a 5G network? I doubt it. I'm sure you would try to take advantage of it as much as possible. Is the phone shutting down? That's what first generation MacBook Airs did when they too overheated (and indepentently of the ambient temperature). First generation products tend to have these kinds of issues.

    You tried to paint a picture using a very poor brush. Or were you deliberately trying to distort the general picture?

    Heat is something to be dealt with. It's real and it's an issue. It's logical due to the speeds and technologies involved. Heat affects all phones (and while we're at it, cold too).

    It doesn't matter how big the font. It still isn't relevant to 5G as a whole. In fact, even in case you present, it would be a non issue in many countries.

  • Apple reportedly aims to integrate own 5G modem in iPhone by 2022

    avon b7 said:
    It's a logical (and correct) move and better late than never.

    At this rate they could end up around three years late to market

    Love the cute little anti-Apple jabs. Remember Apple was 20 years late to the cell phone market and analysts claimed there was no way they would dethrone Motorola, Nokia and Blackberry.

    Where are they now?

    When Apple innovates they do it RIGHT. They can release a half-assed modem tomorrow just to make make morons think they're "first" or something stupid (think Samsung) but they have a bigger picture in mind.
    You are confused. Companies or technologies? In this case, whatever Apple does will still use the same technology as competitors. In other words there is no disruption of any sort. Just catching up to competitors.

    And to be honest they couldn't release a half assed modem tomorrow either. It has to go through long certification. That's how far behind they are and why an on SoC effort seems to be so far off.
  • Tim Cook defends choice to pull Hong Kong police monitoring app from App Store

    Rer412 said:
    speaking as a resident in HK, Apple’s decision is just ignorant. Does Tim know the cops in HK has just violated EVERY guideline and even law to complete their so-called peace-keeping mission? Does Tim know, the HK police arrested a young pregnant woman, even followed her to the delivery room just because she wore a black mask? Does Tim know a college student just being raped by police in the police station? And does Tim know the so-called Hong Kong police are actually the masked Chinese PLA cadet in reality? I doubt he just knows Chinese is the place Apple can make the big money.
    Your points don't really mean much in the context of this decision. The app was pulled for the reasons Tim gave. There might not have been widespread consensus within Apple, we just don't know, but the reason was given and is clear.

    Two wrongs don't make a right, so using the app for 'ill' as Tim said is not countered out by abusive police behaviour. That has nothing to do with the app or its use. That is a wider debate and perhaps is valid (as others have already mentioned) as Apple does like to speak out on its core values. That is a far pricklier subject which I have taken issue with in the past (on tax issues) but in the context of this decision/discussion, I think their position is clear, understandable (at least with what has been made public) and, as has been said, difficult.

  • Tim Cook defends choice to pull Hong Kong police monitoring app from App Store

    I said in another thread that this is a 'damned if you do and damned if you don't' case.

    Given what has been made public on the reasoning applied to this case, I'm sure most people will be able to understand the decision even if they don't share it.
  • Teenage iPhone ownership rises as intent to buy stays high

    lkrupp said:
    This report does not jive with what the AI naysayers have been predicting for some years now. They say the iPhone is no longer “cool” and teenagers, along with hipsters, are abandoning it for Android in droves. What’s going on here? And the Watch? But, but, but... young people don't wear watches these days and smartwatches, especially the Watch, are market failures. And this has all happened because Apple has lost its market in education with ChromeBooks taking over. Sorry, but the end is near for Apple and the AI naysayers pegged it all along. /s
    What makes you think that isn't the case (in spite of the /s)?

    This is a small, geographically restricted sample that is not very representative of the world reality.