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  • 5G iPhone impact underestimated by investors & analysts, says Jefferies analyst

    "Jefferies also points out the possibility a 5G iPhone will be drastically different. "Given the advanced technology and components, 5G devices will be high-end," writes McNealy, with Apple currently dominating that sector."

    This is where big doubts creep in on his knowledge on the 5G state of play for 2020:


  • iPhone 11 Pro review - Buy for the better camera, stay for the battery life

    lkrupp said:
    avon b7 said:

    "No, there is no 5G on the iPhone 11 Pro family at all, and there shouldn't be this year. Standards are still shaking out, carriers are still getting their act together. What works this year is probably not going to be even close to a full array of what 5G will support in the future."

    If we take an educated guess from the rumours, it is almost certain that Apple was aiming for a 5G modem this year but intel didn't deliver.

    Releasing a 5G modem next year will not change the 'standards are still shaking out' claim. The relevant standards for current 5G modems were finalised at the end of 2017. Commercial deployment is now a reality and Apple probably wanted to be part of that reality.

    Long before Apple ships anything with a 5G modem, Huawei alone will have shipped 2,000,000 5G base stations worldwide. Add in Ericsson and Nokia, plus Qualcomm and Samsung and it is clear that Apple is at both a marketing and technological disadvantage. 5G will roll out far faster than previous generations.

    5G coverage will vastly improve through 2020. China is accelerating an already accelerated 5G roll out. Korea has massive plans. Europe too. The devil is in the details but Release 15 is finalised. The only changes to that will be stabilisation efforts. NSA is what current modems (with the exception of Huawei which claims SA support too) are using and that is finalised and real.

    Apart from the brute speed angle, things like 4GLTE/5G (NSA/SA)  network slicing will also bring big advantages to everyone. Apple is obviously going to find it harder to compete in even a 5G NSA world without a product and when it does have a 5G product, the standard will still be 'shaking out'. I think it matters today from a purchasing perspective and no doubt a fair amount of potential buyers will put purchases off to wait for it along with the rumoured body redesign. Users looking for a phone to take them through a three or four year cycle might be even more reluctant to upgrade now.

    But somehow they keep succeeding and the new, substandard iPhones are selling quite well it would appear. That must really piss you off big time. Apple, slowly going out of business for over forty years now.
    Why would it piss me off? I want better, cheaper iPhones! I want competition.

    I switched to Android a few years ago because I was literally priced out of the iPhone market. I got far more than I imagined and haven't looked back. I'm far more informed as a result. Now, instead of having to factor in two iPhones I only need one (for my wife) bur even she understood that for what was on offer for the price (21% V.A.T included) last year, it simply wasn't worth it. The improved trade in offer plus reimbursement of a battery upgrade was the only reason we upgraded.

    She has had more glitches with the XR than any previous iPhone (normally solved via a restart) but it is irritating for her.

    Now, having the two platforms side by side really allows us to evaluate their pros and cons and I am crossing my fingers that the Open Sourced HarmonyOS takes off because (on paper at least), it could mean a vast reduction in the importance (or lack of) of 'platforms' and interoperability.

    Having de-coupled, virtualised secure hardware working together as 'one', is a goal that could benefit users in a big way and by extension, hardware vendors.

    The foundation is being laid today. We'll see what comes tomorrow but everyone (Apple included) could benefit.
  • Demand for iPhone 11 outpacing supply chain expectations

    lkrupp said:
    Once again Apple confounds the pundits and trolls. Will they ever learn? Not likely. After all, negativity is the norm on the Internet. 
    So three years of flat sales and a profit warning leave nothing for Apple or you to learn?

    Apple hasn't confounded anyone. For the last three years it has been the same, right down to the kind of statement you just made. And as usual you are running with an analyst statement! The same analysts you always criticise!

    Have you forgotten about 'the iPhone X is the most popular iPhone'?  That, in the end, didn't change anything. Things still came out flat.

    If anything, the opposite to what you are saying is true. Apple has learnt (the hard way) and as a result we have a much stronger lineup at far cheaper prices - right down to the iPhone 8.

    Thank the competition for that, too.
  • Travel photographer Austin Mann praises iPhone 11 Pro camera performance

    tmay said:
    avon b7 said:
    kevin kee said:
    "Light trails on iPhone are still possible though, notes Mann, as the device is able to detect when it is placed on a tripod versus handheld and adjusts so that light trails are still captured."

    I suppose it's the gyroscope and motion sensor to detect whether the phone is on tripod or on hand?

    And yes, I agree, that fisherman pic is just beyond any phone camera capability until 11 Pro.

    Any competitor night mode would just make it like a photo of "bright day" instead of capturing the night mood.
    This isn't true. Take a look a some of the photos taken by those competitors. 

    The photo looks great btw.

    This is what the author said regarding Night Mode:

    "Many of us iPhone photographers have watched as other phones like the Pixel and the Huawei P30 have passed us in low light. It feels so good to see the iPhone 11 Pro has caught up in low light performance."
    "Speaking of Night mode, Mann was blown away by Apple's new technology. 

    "One thing I love about Apple's approach to Night mode is the strategic balance of solving a technical problem while also caring deeply about artistic expression," Mann writes. "When you look at the image above, it's clear their team didn't take the let's-make-night-look-like-day approach, as some of their competitors have. Instead, it feels more like an embrace of what it actually is (night) while asking, How do we capture the feel of this scene in a beautiful way?"
    The key word here is 'some'. There is a lot of misunderstanding around Night Mode on those competitors.

    At the beginning (more than a year ago) you had a night mode and activated it as a specific mode. That was then and it still exists. The difference is that since that beginning, things have changed an a lot.

    Now you don't have to activate a specific mode unless you really want to.

    The camera will work its magic using its AI chops (NPU etc) to deliver a great overall photo. It is not simply turning night into day just for the sake of it. In fact Night Mode can also be used to take incredible daytime shots.

    Yesterday I posted a link in another thread to some comparisons between the Huawei P30 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro. 

    As the author of the linked article made clear, Apple has caught up somewhat but those other phones still produce great photos (as shown in the comparison) and the Mate 30 Pro just got released which looks like it is going to take things up yet another notch (pending reviews of course).

    Something similar happens with the dedicated Portrait Mode. It's still there but other modes will get you better results if you want to take certain situations into account. Aperture Mode for example. You, the user, can opt for full auto or full pro mode with no extra apps needed.
  • Apple grants Corning another $250 million from Advanced Manufacturing Fund

    bobroo said:
    A guy would like to think that Corning would have been selling Gorilla Glass at a profit over the past 10 years. Enough profit to fund research and development.

    Why would Corning need Apple's money? Seems like irresponsible management to me. Seems like the fruit company bought Gorilla Glass in the past and at their suggestion for something different, has to pay some more.

     I don't understand.
    The real growth driver at Corning isn't the glass, it is 5G networking equipment and it is protected from Huawei, so they should continue to do well as 5G expands.