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  • Samsung launches Galaxy Fold with new materials, tweaked design

    There's no getting away from it. This is cutting edge technology and it doesn't matter how it plays out - today - from a technology perspective. This is first generation. A necessary first step. If there are to be more steps in this area, it will be thanks to these phones, both in terms of technology improvements and for price.

    Lessons will be learnt and we will all benefit. 

    Right now, these phones are only for those who have $2,000 of readily disposable income and I mean truly disposable. I very much doubt that any of the first gen Fold buyers are looking at a two year upgrade. They will upgrade as soon as there is a new one.

    Many of the people in this thread are almost willing it to fail. I prefer to at least give the thing a chance. I think we all should.

  • Apple's reliance on China continues to grow despite expansions in Brazil and India

    Trump fears being overtaken by the Chinese on major technology fronts such as communications and AI. He has admitted as much in several tweets (for example his, 'not on my watch' comments).

    He using Huawei as a pawn in trade negotiations while simultaneously trying to kill the company and stopping it from pulling even further ahead.

    At the same time he is concerned about an economic slowdown being directly connected to his actions. He is already pointing the finger at a few local scapegoats.

    Time flies and he has less of it with each passing day. The trade war with China was supposed to be quick and easy to win (his own words) but has proved to be anything but.

    He is becoming more unpredictable by the minute (to the point of people in his own administration supposedly not knowing what he thinks from one day to the next and therefore unable to take decisions) and leaving a trail of damaging tweets in his wake (for example, 'I hereby order...') that only serve to make things worse.

    130 U.S companies have requested licences to do business with Huawei. Not one has been granted. That's 11 billion dollars of lost trade from ONE single company having a massive impact on 130 U.S companies. As a result Huawei has already responded with its very own 'bye, bye American Pie' and declared it will be free of U.S dependence in two years max. If those U.S businesses can scrape back some of that hardware business (licences permitting) it will be just that, scrapings.

    Boeing knows it could also see billions in business lost.

    Google is quaking in its boots right now. It has tried to sit in the shadows on the
     monopolistic front but Trump has dragged it out to bathe in the spotlight as the world sees the potential immediate impact of not having a Google licence can have in the smartphone industry. Not only that but Huawei is prepping a universal open source OS that could easily end up on a third of the world's smartphones and other smart devices.

    Just like the Chinese government, I think Tim Cook would also prefer to sit things out and hope for a new watch leader, but the damage has already been done and largely (and ironically) on Trump's watch.

    He seems to have forgotten that the U.S trade deficit is not so much with China as with the entire world which is duly taking note of his 'clobbering time' negotiating 'tactics' and is very unimpressed.

    The recent G7 summit made things crystal clear. He can't have his cake and eat it and that will slowly become clear to him. However, he will never admit that, so he will just blame someone else.

    If he doesn't get re-elected someone else will have to bend over backwards to repair the damage and even then, things will never be the same. Wheels have been put in motion that cannot be stopped.

    The global supply chain will remain global but much less of it will be dependent on U.S companies. Apple could shift things around a little but not in response to Trump. I've long said that having all its chip manufacturing in one company is a mistake, but not for political reasons

    Given the changes in communications and AI that we are about to see, it could be worse timing to have all this happening.

  • Apple's 'By Innovation Only' new iPhone event is on Sept. 10

    tmay said:
    kevin kee said:
    I see transparency. Perhaps we are going to see see-through colorful iPhones?
    Maybe the new phones will look like those little transparent glass animals you can buy at knickknacks and tchotchkes stores for tourists?

    But seriously, this feels like it would be an ideal point in the development of these phones for Apple to pull out all the stops and do something spectacular to get attention for them as a leading edge innovative company. Incremental improvements are always nice, but it’s time to make a leap ahead.
    You mean like they did with the Watch and AirPods?

    The iPhone is a mature product, and there is very little that can be added that is "spectacular", hence the incremental improvements. Of course, you might use your imagination to give us an idea of what an example of a "spectacular" addition to the iPhone might be.
    Vivo is going to launch a little stunner pretty soon. Perhaps in an attempt to steal a bit of Huawei thunder, they have already sent out some pre-production phones for first looks.

  • Apple's 'By Innovation Only' new iPhone event is on Sept. 10

    That's a daring title on the invite.

    Perhaps the fruity logo will make a return!

    Seriously, putting 'innovation' in there perhaps means there really is some meat in there with the potatoes after all.
  • Nomura predicts poor 2019 iPhone sales, warns over 2020 5G optimism

    There are headwinds for Apple with regards to the competition. It is playing catch-up. Whether they catch up this year or not is a mystery. Part of its sales will hinge on that. Another part will hinge on price and another part of geopolitical issues.

    The last four years haven't really moved the needle on shipments. That in itself is telling.