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  • Irish legislature invites Tim Cook, other Apple execs to hearing on $14.5B EU tax ruling

    kaipher said:
    Ireland's" tax breaks" (or the absence of a tax present in many other socialist countries) are only illegal to the European Union... not Irish law. Just because one country decides to become less of a burden to its people by exacting less a percentage of their LIVES (tantamount to slavery) doesn't make them a villain. The EU needs to stuff it, and look to their poster child of government-run business success: Greece.
    Well, we're grown ups here in Europe: mind your business, we'll mind ours.
    BTW: how's the US deficit doing?
  • Apple Watch market share falling amongst fitness trackers, holding steady with smartwatches

    "Combined with a relatively high price compared to the fitness trackers most people seem to be opting for, and it becomes something of a luxury for the mass markets Apple needs to woo in order to make this thing as successful as their other product lines. " I agree that Apple Watch's price is far higher than fitness trackers. I also agree people see Apple Watch as a luxury but I think this is accessible/aspirational luxury pricing that has a good precedent for working in the mass-market: iPods. Mid-line iPods have typically been about $200 (for example, the third generation iPod Nano 8GB or the original iPod Mini 4GB at $250). Apple Watch starts at $269 (for 8GB). So Apple Watch seems to be in the right pricing zone for the "gift" segment of the Apple line up. It will simply take some time for people to realize the Edition was an aberration. The Apple Watch is Apple's replacement for the iPod. For more on watch pricing, see:
    Well, when you're market share went south by over 70%, it means that the market begs to differ.

    Fitbit's offer is more solid. You know what capabilities you're buying and battery life is better... and I'll be moving to the Alta
    A smartwatch is just so-so in every category.
  • Review: Apple's late-2016 15" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

    Welcome to dongle heaven.

    In the Spectrum's QL era it was considered a (fatal) flaw. Now it seems it's a feature
  • Apple patents augmented reality mapping system for iPhone

    Pokemon Go someone?
  • Apple SVP Eddy Cue sells $37.5M in AAPL stock

    mpantone said:
    jfc1138 said:
    Cash is a useful thing. 
    It is, however this is likely more about portfolio diversification.

    And it's not just Apple execs who think about this sort of stuff.

    For Eddy, a $5 drop in AAPL (like what happened this week) resulted in a $1.675M loss in paper value. You really don't want all/most of your investment in one issue. 

    Moreover, AAPL has underperformed the S&P 500 over the past year. Eddy would have had a better rate of return if he had that $37.4M in SPY. Or even better had he invested in NTDOY (Nintendo ADR), BABA (Alibaba) and even YHOO a year ago.
    Eddy would have had a better RoR if he'd delivered a better job.