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  • EU will order Ireland to collect over $1B in back taxes from Apple - report

    freerange said:

    Perhaps this is yet another good reason (that of national sovereignty) to leave the EU!     If this realstionship and deal is good enough for Ireland the Apple then that should be the end of the matter.   The EU does not provide Ireland with 6,000 jobs like Apple does, so if I were Ireland I'd simply refuse to abide by their decision!  What the hell can they do?  Expel Ireland from the EU?  That would be a blessing and a death warrant to the lazy bureaucrats in the EU in Brussels.
    This is not about sovereignty - like any member of the EU Ireland is obliged to play by the rules. They say that you cannot give a special deal to one organisation and not to others. The general tax rate of about 12 or so percent is already pretty low - tell me how much they would have to pay in the US? Apple with its highly paid lawyers must have known from the very beginning that they were breaking EU rules. Now they have to pay back the illegal tax subsidies
    Oh please, what absolute crap! Let's talk about Airbus and all the government financial support, tax breaks and financing subsidies to purchasers. What a bunch of hypocrites! 
    What about Airbus?
    how about Boeing and the subsidies/funding they get?
  • Turkey's deputy PM encourages Apple to move in wake of EU tax ruling

    Soli said:
    AdBrit said:
    In the end, all this is Apple trying to avoid paying taxes, something all of us do compliantly without begging for exception. Apple and other Corporations are simply moochers of a countries wealth whether that be the consumer's dollars or the consumer's labour. They are transient welfare bums.
    What should a corporation do? Pay taxes beyond what they are legally obligated to pay in order to appease you? I certainly have accountants looking for every possible way I can reduce how much I legally owe the gov't. You don't do that?
    Legally obligated to pay in Ireland is 12,5%.
    Not 1%, not 0.005%
  • Apple FAQ responds to investor queries about $14.5B EU tax edict

    How long before Ireland is going to be out of the EU due to Brexit? If they get out of the EU before this is settled, Ireland will just drop it.
    You're confusing Northern Ireland with Ireland
    Like so many americans, you don't know what you're talking about
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  • Apple FAQ responds to investor queries about $14.5B EU tax edict

    The EU is an extortion racket. They've done their job screwing over the smaller countries in Europe (ask Spain and Portugal how the Euro worked out for them) and now they continue to extort money from US companies.

    What an absolute disgrace. 

    Check out how Spain, Portugal, Ireland, the Central european countries fared before entering the EU and look at their situation now.
    You're in complete denial or a fool if you think they were better off without the EU
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  • EU will order Ireland to collect over $1B in back taxes from Apple - report

    All these Americans on this forum thinking, writing, screw EU, screw rules, appeals, just sit it out, the US govt will tackle this, ...


    remember the MDD-Boeing merger?
    Remember how vocal the US were against EU anti-trust scrutiny?
    Did it help?

    The US have 0 authority in the EU.
    Planning on not doing business in the EU then (a retarted person's retaliation plan)? Then don't!