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  • Here's what you need to know about lossless Amazon Music Unlimited HD

    You aren’t going to be listening to Ultra HD on your iPhone away from home (WiFi), It’s going to use to much bandwidth.

    Apple should bundle an Ultra HD service with the HomePod.  That would have incredible sound...

    If Amazon is offering it, it's probably an industry-wide move (to squeeze higher fees out of the same content), so I'm guessing we'll see something similar from Apple this Fall. Personally, I think Apple Music subscribers should get lossless music from their HomePods without an extra charge. (And should've been something they offered when they originally released it.)

    And yeah, that's a lot of bandwidth for a mobile device.
  • NBC 'Peacock' streaming service expected in 2020 with 15,000 hours of content

    None of these streaming services are going to be worth anything if they don't have anything new and compelling to offer. All the successful ones to date, have been able to license new 3rd party content to offer their subscribers and produced a good handful of original shows that made subscribing worth it. That may be coming to end as content producers shift to also becoming their own providers and pull their content back "home".

    If anything, it's these that will eventually kill* Netflix, not Apple and their monopoly over their App Store. It's the producers and their monopoly over their content.

  • Disney CEO Bob Iger resigns from Apple board as streaming wars heat up

    kestral said:
    mobird said:
    Now if only the buffoon Al Gore would take a hike.
    Al Gore created climate change alarmism to get rich off the global warming pyramid scheme. He should be in jail for fraud.

    You must work for the oil industry?

    Whether you believe in global warming or not, don't you think humanity should take more of an interest in preserving the environment rather than raping it for profit? The "natural resources" lobby has done a bang up job convincing the less educated and greedy (Americans) that global warming is not a thing.
  • Antitrust committee demands Apple, Amazon, Facebook & Google internal documents

    My opinion on any outcome against Apple...

    It's all about the money, the only thing they'll have to change is their developer agreement clause regarding not being allowed to use or link to an alternative payment system and that will only apply to IAP.

    Sherlocking; non-issue.

    "Stacking" their apps; non-issue.

  • Apple disputes allegations that Apple TV+ trial will drive down stock price

    Nice move on GS... drive the stock down, by saying the stock will drop.