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  • Apple launches new Research app, trio of health studies

    Evil, greedy Apple!


    ResearchKit is supposed to be cross-platform... Does anyone know if these trials are available for Android users?
  • How to watch today's new iPhone event live

    It’s also playing in the TV app, on iOS devices and Apple TV.
  • Facebook warns users of iOS 13 location tracking permissions

    I’m pretty sure dissuading users from upgrading/updating is a violation of Apple’s developer agreement.
  • Google target of antitrust probe by 50 state attorneys general

    jimh2 said:
    We the people are the only ones who will lose out if Google is fined, regulated or worse split up. Should there be fines we will never benefit, much like the tobacco settlement. 

    There’s no reason anyone would suffer if Google was split up. All of their products are basically disparate products already as they’re readily available across multiple platforms and devices...i.e. Google services exist outside of Android and Chrome. And Android and Chrome are available outside of Google devices.
  • Prominent Apple apps in App Store search results face more criticism

    Abalos65 said:
    mjtomlin said:
    Abalos65 said:
    jbdragon said:
    mjtomlin said:

    "There's nothing about the way we run search in the App Store that's designed or intended to drive Apple's downloads of our own apps," said Schiller. "We'll present results based on what we think the user wants." 

    So why did they tweak the App Store search algorithms then? Saying we did nothing wrong but we changed our algorithms anyway makes it seem like they were doing something wrong and corrected it after being outed by the WSJ and NYT.

    Did you read?

    They tweaked the algorithm so that grouping results by “producer” excluded Apple’s apps, but apparently left others as is.
    Yes, Apple handicapped themselves to give others more of a chance. It's really UNFAIR to Apple, but I get it. People like to bitch. I don't think some people will be happy unless Apple is NEVER listed at all in any search.
    Do you read the NYT article about the ranking of the App Store? Are the examples they showed fair in your assessment?

    Depends... honestly... Everyone who searches the App Store is an Apple customer and user, first and foremost. It stands to reason a majority of people not in-the-know might very well search for Apple apps when they first get their devices. That would in fact sway results in Apple’s favor more often then not. The tweak Apple put in place might just be a handicap to get around that?

    These articles are great when they only run with a single scenario - usually sensationalizing the negative. 
    But do you agree that the examples shown were a problem? iMovie being above any other music app when searching for 'music' seems like a problem to me. Shining a light on this (and Spotify making a complaint) resulted in better search results now, so I appreciate NYT writing the piece. Why is this sensationalizing?

    Personally I do agree, there is/was an obvious problem with Apple’s search “algorithm”. There’s no reason those other apps should’ve come up in the results. Honestly, I have never seen results like that in the App Store, ever. I definitely would’ve noticed and I’m surprised a lot of others had not noticed and said something about it back then?

    The sensational part is starting the article by mentioning that the App Store is a $50 billion/year industry, thus implying that by “stacking” search results Apple is trying to push out competitors to grab as much of that money for themselves. The fact that all those Apple apps are FREE was not mentioned in the article. Furthermore, financially speaking, it’s in Apple’s best interest to place pay-for 3rd party apps at the top of the list, including one’s they compete with, like Spotify. That wasn’t mentioned either.

    Any intelligent and unbiased “journalist” would’ve laid out all those facts and asked “To what end?” Was it simply a new algorithm running amok due to massive amounts of users searching for Apple’s built-in/free apps? Or did Apple lose their minds in pushing money-making apps out of reach for users to purchase, leaving a 30% fee of those possible sales on the floor?

    There is no realistic advantage for Apple to “stack” their apps over competitor’s, in fact it’s counter to why Apple runs the App Store... to make money.