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  • Motion coprocessor replacement in 2019 iPhones may power Apple Tags

    robjn said:
    Apple Tag does not require new hardware in the iPhone. Apple have already explain how the Bluetooth tracking works at WWDC and at a security conference.

    I think it is much more likely that this new processor is to enhance AR by supporting more sensor inputs. These extra sensor inputs might include the rumored third camera lens, headset hardware is also likely to have an accelerometer and gyroscope and there might be other hardware for interaction in the AR world such as a sensor laden glove.

    True they did. But the UWB technology would not be a part of what was mentioned, which was how to use other iOS devices to help track the location of your “lost” device.

    UWB has more do with pin-pointing the beacon down to an inch or so to make it easier to find (and exactly positioning it in an AR scene).
  • Prominent Apple apps in App Store search results face more criticism

    Abalos65 said:
    jbdragon said:
    mjtomlin said:

    "There's nothing about the way we run search in the App Store that's designed or intended to drive Apple's downloads of our own apps," said Schiller. "We'll present results based on what we think the user wants." 

    So why did they tweak the App Store search algorithms then? Saying we did nothing wrong but we changed our algorithms anyway makes it seem like they were doing something wrong and corrected it after being outed by the WSJ and NYT.

    Did you read?

    They tweaked the algorithm so that grouping results by “producer” excluded Apple’s apps, but apparently left others as is.
    Yes, Apple handicapped themselves to give others more of a chance. It's really UNFAIR to Apple, but I get it. People like to bitch. I don't think some people will be happy unless Apple is NEVER listed at all in any search.
    Do you read the NYT article about the ranking of the App Store? Are the examples they showed fair in your assessment?

    Depends... honestly... Everyone who searches the App Store is an Apple customer and user, first and foremost. It stands to reason a majority of people not in-the-know might very well search for Apple apps when they first get their devices. That would in fact sway results in Apple’s favor more often then not. The tweak Apple put in place might just be a handicap to get around that?

    These articles are great when they only run with a single scenario - usually sensationalizing the negative. 
  • Prominent Apple apps in App Store search results face more criticism

    mjtomlin said:
    In my opinion Apple should just add an “Apple” button at the top of the App Store that contains all software Apple offers. And when people buy an Apple device, Apple can direct them to that section of the store.

    Then Apple should leave that software out of search results, but put a line somewhere stating, “If you’re looking for Apple software please go the Apple section.”

    Problem solved.
    That’s a terrible idea. The entire point of search is to provide relevant results. Hiding relevant Apple results hampers the user. How would they know what to pick in a dedicated Apple section, assuming they even go to it? That isn’t how search works anywhere. 

    I know and feel the same way... but in the eyes of some of these people, that would solve the problem.

    The fact is... anyone who visits the App Store is an Apple customer and user. So Apple favoring their apps is not really a big deal. Is it fair, depends on your point of view...

    As someone who bought an iPhone... it comes with free software. The easier it is to find, the better.

    As a user looking for software... I’d prefer they’re listed with highest reviews first, Apple or not.

    As a developer... I want my app at the top of the list all the time!

    And lastly, if it’s already installed on my device, I’d want it to appear at the top of the list ALWAYS. At the very least its a reminder that I have it. Apps can get buried in these screens sometimes.
  • Apple says Face ID is coming to more devices, but Touch ID continues

    Eric_WVGG said:
    I find Face ID to be hugely frustrating. Fails frequently when I am holding the phone down at the hip, or when sitting next to me on the table (heard rumors that "FaceID 2" will fix this latter problem)… I don't find it worth complaining about, but TouchID was at least a lot better for my personal use cases.

    I thought those were improvements in iOS 13? I think they mentioned something about using more advanced models/algorithms so it can rectify those issues you mentioned.
  • Prominent Apple apps in App Store search results face more criticism

    So?   That seems right to me:  If I am looking for an app -- say a spreadsheet program -- I will want to see what Apple has to offer more than anything else.
    If someone is searching for a spreadsheet app the first one that should pop up is Excel. 
    Why?  Because you use Excel?   Few independent users -- the type who use the App Store do.   It is mostly a commercial product due its high cost.
    Who uses numbers? If anything people that want a free product are using Google Docs. 

    I use two Apple apps... Numbers and Pages.

    I do not have, and will never have, a Google account.