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  • Apple releases second developer betas of iOS 13.4.5, iPadOS 13.4.5, tvOS 13.4.5, watchOS 6...

    Paulv said:
    Anyone had a public beta for 13.4.5 yet? 
    Just Installed.

  • How WeChat's ascent suggests the iPhone may never again dominate in China

    lkrupp said:
    So for Apple to succeed it must let go of all of its security and privacy? Is that what the author is saying? The author seems to imply that unless Apple does this it is doomed. I guess that’s okay in a totalitarian dictatorship but what about democracies burdened with human rights and privacy protections?

    Anyone who thinks ANY Chinese company is not monitored and controlled by the government is simply delusional.

    One good thing that has come out of the pandemic so far is that people are realizing that almost all PPE is produced in China. The U.S. makes almost none of it, from masks, to ventilators, to hand sanitizer. Oh, and almost ALL generic drugs are manufactured in China too. That blood pressure or diabetes medication you take... made in and shipped from China. Because of cheap labor don’t you know. We now know that we in the U.S. are basically at China’s mercy economically. Maybe, just maybe, this crisis will open some eyes but I doubt it. Price trumps everything, just like the trolls who scream about Apple’s products being overpriced.

    And as for the author’s claim that Google’s services are banned in China, I dispute that. As I recall Google made the decision to exit China because it would not acquiesce to the communist dictatorship’s demands.
    Apple would sell their mother for a profit.  They talk Big, but bottom line is they will do anything and everything for the almighty buck. All the story's about privacy is only true if no one calls them on it.
  • Patent troll targets Apple in touch screen patent infringement case

    DAalseth said:
    MAKE PATENTS NON TRANSFERABLE Poof, problem solved. The original inventor and any company they work with, or the company that patents something, can make a profit. but the inventor dies or the company goes bankrupt and instantly the patent is public. One change to the law could make all of this BS go away literally overnight.
    Lol. So the Inventor dies and his family gets nothing ? If that is the case then every holder will form some type of company. Not going to work.
  • Check out the 117 new emoji coming to Apple platforms later this year

    I know. Let's not fix os problems, let's add more emoji and maybe they will forget the problems we can't fix. 

  • Sonos is suing Google for patent infringement, and wants to sue Amazon too

    Advise to Sonos. If you win from Google, Take that cash and go after Amazon.