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  • iPhone 11 Pro found to collect location data against user settings

    loopless said:
    Bad AppleInsider.   Stop posting misleading nonsense clickbait. Turn off location services. “Problem”solved. 
    If this was Google,would you still be saying that ?  Oh, If It's Apple then it's ok right. 

  • T-Mobile 5G service launches across US, minus high-speed mmWave

    T-Mobile is giving speed increases like At&t has done. Though they appear to use newer modems that are only going to be available on any mainstream phones out next year.

    I'd like to see a 4GLTE comparison (of each carrier) with 5GE, T-Mobile 5G, and Verizon 5G before calling this out as unimportant, as its to my understanding speeds are supposed to jump from 50Mbps, 100Mbps,250Mbps,1Gbps between the 3 types, and if thats the case people are seeing at least noticeably higher speeds years before MM wave towers make it to any rural areas, no matter what carrier it is.
    AT&T 5GE is slower then 4G LTE. There is a write up on it at tomshardware.com

    curtis hannahwatto_cobra
  • AT&T to roll out true 5G to consumers in 'weeks'

    lkrupp said:
    No one has yet adequately explained what 5G on a smartphone brings to the table other than nerds bragging about their download speeds. Phone calls, emails, texting don't need 5G. Most apps don’t need 5G. Who plays multiple character shoot-em-ups on a smartphone where latency counts? One can already stream a 4K movie on 4G LTE just fine, although 4K movies on a smartphone screen is about the most asinine thing I can think of. In my opinion the killer app for 5G will be fixed broadband for homes and business and that appears to be a ways oft yet. And the carriers want $10/mo more for 5G? Are you kidding me!
    It will help lots of tech. Self driving cars, Navigation,  GPS, 1st responders to name just a few.

    Great, stay on the slower speed. The less the better for the higher speed one's that want and need it.
    In a few years all cell phones will be 5G.  Try finding a up to 3G phone only. It will be added, you will pay extra for it.
  • Apple spent 'billions' on revamped Maps service

    And it still has problems. Leads me on a different path 2 out of 5 times to the same place every day. You should be asking for a refund. They saw you coming.  Today I went to a city I've never been to before. I ask for the closest Starbucks. It tells me 2.2 miles away. I drive not more then 3 blocks away and there it is. 

    Maps is showing it's 1.9 miles to location. Few billion on that ? LOL.
  • Future versions of Apple's Siri may interpret your emotions

    This will work great I'm sure. Siri can't even get basic things right after 8 yrs.