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  • New Grayshift spyware lets police surreptitiously snatch iPhone passcodes

    rob53 said:
    I consider this spyware and malware, both are illegal to install on computer devices so why is it that our government isn't going after this company for admitting they're producing spyware? Oh, that's right, our government doesn't care about our constitutional freedom. Time for Apple to update their malware finding software along with other companies (Malwarebytes, etc.). It's also time for Apple to turn the tables on GrayShift and create a trojan horse that is sent back into the GrayKey system when it tries to load spyware on an iPhone. Once loaded it effectively destroys the GrayKey and everything GrayShift owns.
    You say it's unlawful to load spyware, but you want  to do it to GreyKey. Sorry can't have both ways.

  • Patent troll targets Apple in touch screen patent infringement case

    DAalseth said:
    MAKE PATENTS NON TRANSFERABLE Poof, problem solved. The original inventor and any company they work with, or the company that patents something, can make a profit. but the inventor dies or the company goes bankrupt and instantly the patent is public. One change to the law could make all of this BS go away literally overnight.
    Lol. So the Inventor dies and his family gets nothing ? If that is the case then every holder will form some type of company. Not going to work.
  • Check out the 117 new emoji coming to Apple platforms later this year

    I know. Let's not fix os problems, let's add more emoji and maybe they will forget the problems we can't fix. 

  • Sonos is suing Google for patent infringement, and wants to sue Amazon too

    Advise to Sonos. If you win from Google, Take that cash and go after Amazon. 
  • T-Mobile 5G service launches across US, minus high-speed mmWave

    T-Mobile is giving speed increases like At&t has done. Though they appear to use newer modems that are only going to be available on any mainstream phones out next year.

    I'd like to see a 4GLTE comparison (of each carrier) with 5GE, T-Mobile 5G, and Verizon 5G before calling this out as unimportant, as its to my understanding speeds are supposed to jump from 50Mbps, 100Mbps,250Mbps,1Gbps between the 3 types, and if thats the case people are seeing at least noticeably higher speeds years before MM wave towers make it to any rural areas, no matter what carrier it is.
    AT&T 5GE is slower then 4G LTE. There is a write up on it at tomshardware.com

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