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  • The Big Redesign Feedback Thread

    ndnyc said:
    I do not like spending time here, anymore. I normally come here multiple times a day to check on updates. But now each time feels like I’m getting smacked in the face.
    I have to agree here.

    I'm one of those who likes to run their workspaces with all the encrusting chrome in dark mode but the content itself in light mode. Things pop. Life easier.

    Sadly I find Appleinsider oppressively dark now. It inhibits my checking back. It's funereally uninviting. Yes, it's psychological thing, but nonetheless such small things are at the heart of good design. 

    How hard might it be to just have a toggle in the profile that overrides the system setting?

    This is something that we're actively working on. Wanted to get it in before launch, but just ran out of time. I am still reading this thread and running things up the chain, so keep the feedback coming. Kasper still has the final word on stuff, so don't expect to get everything you ask for, but where it makes sense and we can move quickly we will make changes. There's a lot we have planned still and we are resource constrained.

    For those who are genuinely curious, from a metrics standpoint the redesign has been fairly successful for us. We're only a couple weeks in though. My hope is that you will all appreciate the spotlight and featured stories sections more once WWDC rolls around and all that content that normally just falls off is much more prominent and easily discoverable. I know some of you don't like the more modern design aesthetic, but we have to be able to move forward and stay relevant.
  • The Big Redesign Feedback Thread

    i got the green light to remove the scrolling behavior. This will happen sometime today. 

    It is gone. 
  • The Big Redesign Feedback Thread

    ITGUYINSD said:
    I hope the bottom placement of the "Read more..." wasn't placed down there as some sort "censoring" of the forum content in an effort to groom the contents by making it more pro-Apple and difficult for the average "Joe" to post their opinion.  While some people do come here just to troll and post negativity, at the same time, everything Apple does/sells/designs isn't always perfect (maybe to the dismay of some here) and so posting an "anti-Apple" post isn't always trolling.
    It was not. There is already a link to the comments at the top of the article, and we only display 5 comments beneath it. The amount of space that takes up depends on the length of the comments. The link is there to prompt the user to go to the forums if they want to read more.
  • The Big Redesign Feedback Thread

    dempson said:
    Web site looks good, but the RSS feed seems to be partly broken: I'm using NetNewsWire 5.0.3, and the feed from https://appleinsider.com/rss/news lists the articles with a brief summary (as before) but none of the entries actually link to the web site, so I have to manually switch to my web browser, go to appleinsider.com and find the article, which seriously limits the usefulness of the RSS feed.

    Possible technical explanation, based on a quick look at the feed data and Atom specification: each <entry> tag in the feed appears to be missing a <link> tag with the article URL.

    This should be fixed now, thanks!

    We changed the RSS feed format, so you guys may see a little weirdness depending on your reader (some people were reporting duplicated stories) but it should be fine going forward.

  • Dark Mode for Site on macOS?

    Forums should now be dark mode friendly 👍