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  • Apple's $4B ad business at odds with internal culture and values

    AniMill said:
    I thought the ad business was cratering on all digital platforms. I rarely notice ads on Apple News and I don’t use the App Store much. Do others see these gambling ads a lot? 
    They're not actually "ads". They're paid product placements. The app will show up more often in the 'You Might Also Like' section. It's like the difference between eye-level products in a grocery store (more likely to be seen) versus lower shelf placements. Companies pay for that too.

    The ads that you see inside 'free' apps have nothing to do with Apple.
  • Serif overhauls whole Affinity range, adds new iPad Publisher

    DAalseth said:
    I would like to see AI do a review of the new packages. What changes did they make to Designer? What is Publisher capable of, how does it compare to other packages?
    Serif has an overview on their web site. Per Designer, the highlighted changes are a non-destructive vector warp, shape builder tool (which looks really interesting...easier way to create complex shapes), knife tool, measure and area tool, DWG/DXF file import (like AutoCad), X-Ray view.
  • AirPods Max noise isolation reduction may be related to ongoing court battle

    Apple's ANC is meant to be used in combination with audio. It's not meant to be used by itself with no audio playing. All the people who claim they can hear a difference in ANC based on the firmware used would likely fail a blind test when the ANC is combined with an audio source.
  • Musk tells Twitter engineers to bring Vine back from the dead

    ophello said:
    DAalseth said:
    So he wants this done, and reports are he’s going to fire most of the staff, and this isn’t the only nearly impossible task he wants the programmers to do, and he’s fired the CEO and the board and is running the place single handedly. 

    Oh this is going to end badly LMAO
    Well this is just false. He has already brought in a team of engineers to help. Furthermore, he's not firing useful people. There were 10 managers for every one coder. Elon Musk knows how to create and run extremely efficient companies. And to argue otherwise is either due to overwhelming ignorance, or just plain hatred of Musk. So which one are you?
    It's pretty easy to argue otherwise. Musk's "extremely efficient" electric car company is...just another electric car company now. Old school car companies are producing vehicles that are just as good or better than Tesla. And new school car companies are producing vehicles that are just as good or better than Tesla. 
  • Apple halts gambling ads in App Store

    Whoopie doodle. Now U.S. citizens can return to viewing gambling ads online, on TV, in magazines, in the mail, on billboards, at bus stops, train stations, airports yada yada yada. I'm noting that I can currently see a 'ZZ Top/Viva Las Vegas Show at the Venetian Resort' advert right in this thread and am completely shocked at the blatant attempt at marketing gambling through a family fun web site like AppleInsider.