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  • New German law mandates opening up Apple Pay NFC tech to rivals

    Answer is simple.. stop selling iPhones to Germans.. then let their citizens turn on the government 
  • Apple's App Store policies again under fire as Kaspersky Lab files Russian antitrust compl...

    Buy an FN Android you morons !!
  • Apple COO Jeff Williams 'aware' of iPhone, Mac price concerns

    Well just maybe if all those stupid American Troll companies.. and all those stupid American Class Actions suits over trivial crap.. Apple could put some of those Billions back into affordability.. They need that extra profit because some moron and his mates aren’t happy with the precise count of pixels, or Apples website is not designed specifically for the vision impaired, or there 4 year old iPhone isn’t as fast as it was when new.. so suck it up princesses .. There’s plenty of cheap phones out there.. so go buy one !!
  • Apple will no longer report iPhone, Mac and iPad unit sales

    Oh boo hoo 😥 who gives a toss !! It’s their business anyways. Tell them nothing Apple! Let the jokers guess the figures.
  • CBC Video claims Apple's repair policies are abusive, but 'proof' falls far short

    rcfa said:
    Apple customer satisfaction is more a function of ease of use and fundamental quality of the products, it has little to no bearing on Apple’s repair policies.

    Apple e.g. refuses to even look at my MacBook Air for repair because it has “a dangerous third party battery” in it. Nothing about that battery is dangerous, the battery that’s dangerous was the Apple supplied original, that with only 32 cycles became so bloated one couldn’t close the lid properly anymore, necessitating the emergency repair with a third party battery (which was all that was available within a useful time period). The damage the notebook has (only works without crashing if something is attached to the TB port), is likely the result of some minor damage to the main board due to the bloating.

    Similarly, until Apple finally acknowledged issues with certain iPhone 6 and 6s batteries and created the repair program, they refused to replace the batteries at a reasonable price. Going to a third party means that Apple will refuse any repairs, including the battery, because it has a third party battery in it.

    Apple’s repairs are generally much too expensive, particularly battery replacements.
    If you don’t like their repair policies.. don’t buy an iPhone.. buy some other crap and get it fixed where ever you like. Apple doesn’t force you to buy their phone in the first place. It’s you choice!!