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  • Is Apple getting Siri-ous in the face of Amazon's Alexa Echo?

    The author is doing so much his best to defend Apple, it's ridiculous. Garbage.
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  • No, Apple did not switch to USB-C on its new MacBook Pros to profit from dongle & adapter sales

    This article focuses on the wrong area. We all know they don't want to monetize from an open standard. A 3 sentence article would have sufficed.

    I was surprised to see the iPhone7 didn't move to USB-C. The real question is "why does Apple stick with the lightning port when USB-C is superior and more standard?"

    If Apple sticks with their proprietary port for the iPhone8 and tablets in 2017, it proves they don't put the consumer first but only act out of self-interest to monetize from cables. There's no reason not to do it.  
  • MacBook Pro fails to earn Consumer Reports recommendation for first time

    Rayz2016 said:
    henryb said:

    In addition to battery issues, the latest MacBooks have the WORST keyboards of any laptops available today. There is hardly any key travel - it is like typing on a virtual screen on an iPad. Imagine, if Yamaha Pianos reduced the travel of their piano keys - there would be an outrage. Creative people - including writers using a keyboard - need to feel and touch the keys to connect with their work. Apple's obsession withy thin-ness is making their machines unusable. Don't get me started on their removal of the physical home button on the iPhone. Apple is waging war on tactility - and will lose millions of customers as a result. People love to touch, feel and experience things. It is core to being a human being.

    This has got to be the most hilarious comment of the day so far.

    If you don't the difference between typing on a keyboard and playing a piano then I can't help you.

    And I won't get you started on the removal of the physical home button on the iPhone because the button is still there, it just happens to be touch sensitive. 

    I'm always amazed at people who come here and insist that Apple will lose millions of customers if they don't do this or if they remove that. 

    The problem with people who spew this argument is that they are invariable talking about themselves, and making the mistake of assuming that everyone wants what they want. It's a very narrow point of view in my opinion. 

    Apple is not standing still and neither is its customer base. The youngsters starting to use computers professionally today have grown up with narrow travel keyboards and touch sensitive screens, so that is who Apple is catering for. You think that Apple should carry on making keyboards and screens and fitting ports for the middle-aged? 

    Will Apple lose millions of customers; doubtful. Most of Apple's customers live outside forums and are younger and more adaptable than the whiners who hang around here. They'll lose customers, but they'll gain more.

    And of course, in twenty years time, the new old faces will come here and complain how Apple has dumped Thunderbolt 5 ports and gone completely wireless, and now all their twenty-year-old thunderbolt drives, barely large enough to hold a million mega hi-def movies, are now obsolete.

    You know he was trying to prove a point. Of-course he knows the difference between playing the piano and typing on a keyboard.

    As a new owner of the Macbook Pro, I fully agree the new keyboard is absolutely horrible, even after 3 weeks of use. It's noisy, the lack of travel is super annoying and the Touch Bar is nothing more than a gimmick (because you type blindly and don't look at a keyboard, and now miss actual function keys). 
  • Touch Bar keyboards, 'modest' Mac upgrades on Apple's slate for 2017

    sog35 said:
    HP, Lenovo and Dell have updated their workstations with the latest CPUs and GPU's for the last three years, while Apple haven't done anything to the Mac Pro.  They still sell it at the same price of 3yrs ago.  It's true that you don't need to update every year, but three years (and counting) is just wrong. 
    The market for the MacPro is too small to make yearly updates
    That's something Apple created themselves by not focusing on pros anymore. Yes it's a smaller market, but releasing a black wine cooler that can't be expanded and upgraded scares away the pros. The machine is one of the biggest design failures of Apple, who innovated for the sake of innovation. Innovation is an instrument, a means to an end, not a goal itself. 
  • Touch Bar keyboards, 'modest' Mac upgrades on Apple's slate for 2017

    Gimmick? Have you used to the Touch Bar? 
    Well, have you? Because you're mention 'reviews point out it's great'.

    I have the new MacBook Pro and I can tell you it's a gimmick. It's dumb. Instead of feeling the function keys (muscle memory), you now have to look at the keyboard to search for it!

    Apple clearly ignored people don't look at the keyboard and type 'blindly'.
    The Touch Bar gets into sleep mode as well, so sometimes that means I have to tap the bar repeaditly to wake it up. How's that intuitive and 'added value'? The only 'added value' is for Apple: around $300 to be precise.

    This should have stayed in their R&D lab as a failed experiment, which would have been fine.

    Related note: the keyboard is LOUD. Not ideal for meetings and at conferences.