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  • Review: Apple's 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

    So, as a new owner of the Macbook Pro 15", I have to say I'm really disappointed. I hope people will find my personal opinion useful before they decide to do a major investment in a piece of hardware:

    The Touch Bar is a gimmick and it sucks. Keyboard sucks.
    1. I'd choose tactile feedback using traditional function keys over the Touch Bar any day. Not knowing what you press defeats the purpose of a keyboard with actual buttons. The idea is that you look at your monitor, not at your keyboard. What mediocre intern at Apple came up with the idea for the Touch Bar? 
    2. The Touch Bar is context sensitive which requires me to look at the keyboard to see what I'm going to press all the time. The implementation is messy and the result is an inconsistent interface. 
    3. The keyboard is horrible. It's my first laptop with the new butterfly mechanism (or whatever it's called). It's SUPER NOISY - not good when you're in a meeting or joining a conference, and distracting when typing. How could a company like Apple not catch such a big, obvious flaw? Even worse, the keys don't have any travel, missing essential, tactile feedback and causing me to hit the wrong keys. It's the keyboard equivalent of the Apple Mouse. I fear that Apple is going to ditch their (excellent) iMac keyboards and replace it with their shitty butterfly mechanism. 
    1. Not having an SD card stinks. It belongs in a Pro laptop. I understand their decision to go USB-C only, but the SD card is a common port that's unrelated to USB. 
    2. I think the dongle stuff is just temporarily. Next year we're enjoying the new format. It's not a big deal.
    3. Apple should move to USB-C on the iPhone or their decision to move to USB-C on desktop doesn't make any sense (their argument is to go for a future proof port, so they'll have to apply that to their phone business as well. If not, it's hypocritical.)

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  • LG's UltraFine 5K Display gets unboxing treatment in new video

    It's time Apple made an iMac that has the display separated from the computer. Some kind of 'Mac Mini Pro' approach. The iMac is a bad deal because if the computer dies, people throw away the entire machine (or vice verse when the monitor dies). And the current iMac with its huge bezel deals dated and doesn't allow the user to modify the monitor height, similar to the LG one.

  • iCal: share my calendar without showing contents

    thanks. that's a surprising omission.
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  • OWC announces Thunderbolt 3 Dock with ports galore, returns functionality to new MacBook Pro

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  • Apple debuts affordable 13" MacBook Pro model, axes 11" MacBook Air

    I think it's a great machine, but I'm disappointed the SD card has been axed, which is so useful to have integrated in a professional notebook. All these fucking dongles.