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  • Too soon? Apple's new iPhone 7 ruffles feathers with Lightning audio, Home button changes

    evilution said:
    mactodd said:
    You didn't mention charging while listening. That's the biggest drawback to using Lightning headphones. Or wireless ones which need to be charged. You give up the functionality of listening on long trips, in a car, plane, train, etc. That's a step back.  At least without third party dongles. Apple should have introduced wireless charging first, so you could listen while staying charged.
    How to fix a dilemma that no one really ever had but keep bringing it up to try and prove a point?

    Next year's Android Samsung phones probably won't have a headphone jack either but don't worry, you can lug around your charging mat.

    If you are one of the 30 people who have genuinely charged and listened to music at the same time, buy the dongle.
    Incredibly rare problem fixed. But of course, you don't want to use a dongle as then you can't moan.
    More likely one of the thousands and thousands of people.

    What about charging while watching a movie? Or charging while video teleconferencing - which eats your battery?

    Apple's removal of the jack is super arrogant and short sighted.
  • iPhone 7 solid-state home button works on capacitive touch, gloved users beware

    gprovida said:
    I am confused. Since the touch screen requires bare fingers or specialized gloves - why would the glove be an issue if the access to 99.9999% of functionality require screen access.   This seems to be achieving more self consistency on phone access. 
    1. Siri
    2. Checking the home screen

    It's not just cold weather. Gloves are used in many professions, e.g farmers, construction workers all wear gloves. If you're working you want to keep fast access to your phone. Not everyone using iPhones are tech hipsters.
  • iPhone 7 solid-state home button works on capacitive touch, gloved users beware

    I tried the iPhone 7 home button and Apple did a piss poor job at it. What a regression. It feels wrong.
    And without tactical feedback you are indeed screwed in a colder environment. Like  anyone's going to buy separate gloves for their iPhone. Or is that another 'accessory' they'll ship with the iPhone to transition to a propriety set of gloves for $159?

    Apple is obsessed with the wrong things.
  • Apple polling MacBook Pro owners on use of headphone jack, other ports

    I use it every goddamn day.
    Stupid Apple and their quest to remove a port everyone wants.

  • Apple defends decision to ditch 3.5mm jack, says AirPods development began years ago

    The argument that Apple has done this before (ie. removal of the disk drive in the iMac) isn't really valid.

    The difference with what Apple had done before is the fact it got replaced by general, non propriety solutions. Essentially, the iMac's floppy drive got replaced by the USB drive.

    This time around, the Lightning connector is propriety. It requires third parties to license it from Apple.
    The essentially replaces an open format with a closed one. I can't see how this is any good, even if it's better than say Bluetooth.

    Not taking in account the huge drawback of not being able to charge while listening to music. Which I do often.

    It'a slightly cocky, arrogant move from Apple. Their arguments aren't that strong, but I guess we'll live!