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  • Apple lowers holiday quarter guidance on lower than expected iPhone sales

    Considering the only things they announced at the two keynotes all had price increases... the macs of which were both 5 years old on there previous models (sales had likely hit rock bottom on them).

    Of course Tim Cook won’t admit it, but those making products actually attractive to buyers will increase sales.
    Mercedes Benz doesnt’ make cars to compete with Hyundai and Apple doesn’t pursue the low end of their market. They are a premium brand.
    That's true but when they don't include tires on their car and demand you only purchase their fuel which at some point becomes 200% higher than normal gasoline then at some point premium becomes boutique and people stop buying.
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  • Apple lowers holiday quarter guidance on lower than expected iPhone sales

    Apple has moved from high end to boutique and I've been saying that for a while.

    People don't question reasoning or assumptions well enough to get to the root of the problem.

    Hey Apple isn't charging too much, people are just holding onto their phones longer.....

    Time to question that assumption and what lies beneath it to a far deeper problem......

    Why are you holding onto your older iPhone?

    Well I bought this iPhone 6s+ or iPhone 7 and it cost me $900-1000 but I JUSTIFIED IT to myself by saying I would keep it for three or four years.

    So the real crux of the problem started with the LAST purchase, not the current or next purchase. People loved iPhones but felt they were too expensive when they purchased their CURRENT iPhone.

    So you've got a hot economy, a little extra pocket money per chance and you are thinking you've met your prior timelime for the most part and so you go to the Apple Store intent on doing pretty much what you did three years ago, buying yourself a large screen iPhone with some extra storage.

    You price it out and it is......nearly $1500 ($1449).

    So you reason to yourself, wow..... I guess nothing is really wrong with my current phone. Even if it needs a new battery or screen or home button, there's a place nearly that does that for a reasonable sum. I'll just stretch it a bit longer.

    In our house we own an iPhone 7, iPhone 8+ (wife sent her iPhone through the washer) iPhone 6S and iPhone 6... all with second tier storage.

    I love having the latest and greatest but was shocked when I went to look at the iPhone 8 and Apple had removed that middle tier while raising the price by $50 for baseline model. My same purchase decision as the year before now cost $150 more.

    So I simply decided to skip it.

    The iPhone X came out and the of course there was another price increase on top of the prior price increase and the middle storage tier was still gone. My iPhone 7 with extra storage was $750. The same purchase decision with the iPhone 8 was $900. My exact same purchase decision with the iPhone X or XS.... $1150.

    So each time I simply decided to forgo the new purchase and keep my current iPhone. It isn't just that people are DECIDING to keep their iPhone longer. It is WHY they are choosing to keep them for longer. Each price increase made me decide to just forgo and wait for Apple to change their behavior. Apple hasn't changed their behavior yet so myself and clearly millions of others have made the decisions we have made which is to stay in the Apple ecosystem but not to buy a new iPhone. We've only bought a new iPhone when one was destroyed.

    Now some will chime in and say what about the iPhone Xr and you could go purchase that phone instead. I noted my exact same purchase decision criteria and the price point for it. The iPhone Xr forgoes many of the reasons to buy a new iPhone including features my current iPhone has right now. It doesn't have a second camera and it does not have force-touch ID. Again the price increases justify certain reasoning to some but that reasoning must be applied all the way around. The iPhone Xr is a COMPROMISE. You can own it with the same level of storage as my iPhone 7 for $800. However if I was fine with compromised iPhone I'd just.....keep my current iPhone which is exactly what I have done. My current iPhone doesn't have a telephoto camera. It doesn't have OLED, etc. The compromise becomes....keep the same phone.

    Apple has been increasing prices for so long that people are forgetting the prior prices. They've just moved prior models down the chain but it's still an expensive chain.

    When I bought my iPhone 7 it was the flagship iPhone and started at $650. I wanted more storage so I paid $750.

    The same decision making process today costs $1150. Of course it is a better iPhone but when I bought my iPhone 7 it was the flagship iPhone as well. Like I said if I want a compromise phone, I already own it and it is paid for already.

    Here's bit more reasoning about why I haven't upgraded....there's no option to deal with any sort of damage except for Applecare. I owned an iPhone 4s which had a glass back. If you broke that glass back you ordered a replacement (OEM or knock-off) and you removed two pentalobe screws and replaced it. You could do it or have a shop do it at a reasonable cost. If your rear glass is broken now.... $500+ for repair. Apple no longer offers a model of iPhone where I can forgo choices like wireless charging for durability or potentially lower cost repairs.

    Finally Apple used to have a hardware/software synergy to help justify their higher prices. When the tent pole features for iOS12 are that they replaced all the bugs and inefficiencies of iOS 11 with something that works properly...that is problematic. When I want to deal with my Apple Watch and I have to go to three different apps .....Watch, Activity and Health apps to try to find the proper information that feels very.....Microsoft-ish. When iMovie, Garage Band, and the whole office suite hasn't been upgraded in ages.....problematic.

    In the end it all adds up. I say this as someone who uses Pages on my Mac and iPad Mini 4 (which I can't give Apple more money to upgrade because they've decided they don't need to upgrade it so I've decided the same.) When I buy an iPad Pro... it will have some means of getting headphones attached. The current model doesn't even include a USB C to headphone adapter in the box. It isn't just that tired trope about someone loving wired headphones. Bluetooth has latency and when you use apps like Garage Band to make music, you need to hook to some sort of external speaker so when you play your music in via a controller keyboard, there is no latency.

    So give us pro-level money and then give us more money so you can actually use apps without latency and to keep the same workflow you had before. Also the pro-level money is now at a higher price than before as well.

    It all adds up and the gestures, software and other efforts that generated goodwill. They are gone....long gone.
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  • Steve Jobs wanted ultra-optimized US manufacturing, Apple vets say

    mac_dog said:
    sirozha said:
    My town is inundated with H1B-visa Indians who have replaced 50% or more of American IT personnel. About 35% of doctors are Indian on H1B visas. They have pushed Americans out of the jobs here, and these are not manufacturing jobs. These are high-tech and medical jobs. As a result, housing prices are  through the roof. These temporary Indians are buying several houses each on interest-only loans, knowing full well that they are going to have to leave within 5-6 years and can simply abandon their houses (if the market turns down) with no consequences. Their monthly mortgage payments are significantly lower than apartment rentals because of the ARM-type loans that they take out.  In the meantime, they are collecting rents on the multiple houses that they purchased with no credit history and no permanent status here. How can a temporary worker buy a house in the US on a mortgage is beyond comprehension. We have not learned anything from the 2009 housing crash. 

    If we don't want to manufacture anything, we don't want to build anything, we don't want to work in agriculture, we don't want to study sciences, we don't want to work as engineers, we don't want to be doctors, what the hell are we good for? Are we going to be pigs for the rest of the world to raise until we get fat enough to be slaughtered? 

    We can have robotic factories built in the US and train our citizens to maintain and program robots. If we don't know how to do this, let's invite Chinese, Japanese, and Germans to help us out, pay them handsomely, and learn how to make our own crap efficiently by leveraging the latest robotic technologies for manufacturing. This could not be done three decades ago, but with the advance of technology, it is now possible. 
    We’re already too fat. Seriously, though. Companies hire the best. Period. We don’t even have an adequate school infrastructure. This is what happens when you have 10x the amount of money pouring into the military. You leave nothing for educating the masses. The irony about Indians is that they modeled their school system after our public system of the 60’s & 70’s. 
    Are you seriously suggesting that countries like China and India spend more on their education system than the United States does? It isn't the money, it is the model. Good luck trying to teach to any sort of mastery in the United States or even trying to fail a student. Since PBIS good luck even trying to discipline a child for profoundly terrible behavior that stops not just their own education, but the education of all others.
    macseeker said:
    When I was certifying with the American Production and Inventory Control Society, we were taught that W. Edward Deming taught the principles of Statistical Process Control to Japanese scientists and engineers when American manufacturers, flush from victories in WWII, were arrogantly unenthusiastic about applying SPC to our own factories. That was between 1945 and 1950, though the principles of SPC were known here since the 1920's. You might say they took somethng we invented and discarded, then spanked us with it over the sixty plus years.
    That plus the school system this days doesn't teach the necessary 3 R's anymore.  The kids can't think right these days.  Plus these days the school systems are in the esoteric touchy feely subjects that absolutely have no use what so ever in the REAL world.
    All the Common Core curriculum has been terrible. Gloss over everything and learn almost nothing.
  • The iPhone XR versus the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max: Which is right for you?

    I'm leaning iPhone [email protected] for $799. I've used about half that amount on my iPhone [email protected] At this stage I'm starting to spend more time deleting apps than adding them. I'm starting to slim down the use on my phone to fewer things that waste less time. I'm a bit worried about the all glass phone and I'm hoping repairs on any problems occurring with this phone would be more reasonable than they were reported for the iPhone X (and I'm presuming that trend would continue with the XS, etc.)

    I'm willing to try FaceID now that it has been out for a year and round 2 will be a bit faster. (I did the same with Touch ID back in the day.) I'm going to presume the LCD won't have the color shifting or burn-in potential that the more expensive OLED displays have as a concern. It's the only phone with a 128 gig option for $50 which is my sweet spot both in use and in cost. It has about 95% of the top end features for about 70-75% of the cost.

    Finally I don't even really need a new phone but the kiddo is stuck on an iPhone 6 and so time to pass on mine and he gets the upgrade an upgrade as well.
  • Apple Watch's heart rate sensors alert man to undiagnosed atrial fibrillation

    deminsd said:
    You don't know your heart rate is racing at 161bpm until an Apple Watch alerts you?
    Not with atrial fibrillation you often don't. I was treated for it and was part of the 50% that could feel the irregular rhythm and the fast heartbeat. However another gentleman I met never felt it, had his heat in afib for three days and suffered a minor stroke.

    I have had a cardiac ablation to fix my afib but it is a real thing and while not often life threatening can raise risk of stroke.