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  • FTC probes Facebook over personal data use following Cambridge Analytica revelations

    They need to probe more than Facebook. At this stage it is clear that platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and so on need to be regulated.

    This is especially true since personal data is being misused and they are choosing who and what speech to endorse. When you decide to start denying and banning access to certain customers, regulation is necessary. When there are allegations of everything from fake news to electoral manipulation, then at a minimum there needs to be some oversight.
  • New 30% U.S. tax on solar cells threatens jobs, Apple's renewable energy efforts

    Regardless of what you think about the tariff, you can't help but note the irony of the contradicting arguments being made by the same people on the left.

    First of all a tariff is a tax. It is a tax on an import. Point blank no way around it. Like all taxes, it changes the price of that item.

    So basically when you talk about anyone on the left about taxes the argument is that it will just be passed along and be baked in and become part of doing business and it won't change any decisions or alter any economic outcomes. That is always the reasoning unless of course you talk about tariffs or sin taxes in which case all economic activity will clearly lower or stop if that is the desire.

    So tax cigarettes, soda or solar panels and of course people will buy fewer of those and it will have an economic impact.

    Tax income, investments, savings and of course sales tax....well that won't alter anything. People will just do what they have to do and life will be the same.

    Does anyone not notice the irony here?

    Trump just CUT the corporate tax rate from 35% to 20%. We are told this is just blowing a hole in the budget and no corporation is really going to make any decision different than they would have before. The rich will just get richer and the the poor will be unable to be helped by the government and corporations will keep more of their money and everyone else will suffer.

    Take that 35% rate and make it a 30% tariff and suddenly everyone seems to understand......wait prices will go up. People will make different decisions based on those prices. They may even forgo the economic activity all together or may shift it to different countries where there isn't a 30% tariff raising prices. The increases in price will TRICKLE DOWN and put all sorts of installers, support techs and small businesses out of work or at a minimum it will harm them.

    I just can't understand the blind spot here. The reasoning is the same in both cases. If you think the Trump tariffs are wrong because they will distort the market, cause all manner of unintended and harmful consequences and won't actually alter any outcomes then....welcome to fiscal conservativism because if you apply this to the rest of our economy now with your opened eyes then you finally get it.
  • Apple diverting worker shuttles because of smashed windows

    I would expect this trend to continue.
  • SquareTrade iPhone X drop-test video disagrees with iFixit's repairability assessment

    I’ve never cracked a front or back glass on an iPhone. My wife hasn’t either but I’ve made sure we use Tech 21 cases for ages. I know I’ve dropped my phone at least three or four times and I’ve watched my wife drop her 7+ a half dozen times. I know she has done worse away from me because she even commented about how that case REALLY works well. 

    I prefer not to question or know about what prompted that response but needless to say, the cases have done well for us.
  • How to enable and use Reachability on iPhone X