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  • Sony, Bang & Olufsen combatting Apple AirPods with new wireless earbuds

    I have the AirPods and really enjoy them. I'm looking forward to iOS 11 to address my only complaint and that is being able to select different actions for each AirPod. One will now activate Siri and the other will go to the next track. They have great sound for anything not sealed and that is the point. I can use different headphones when I want deeper bass, etc but most people seem to use the Airpods for being out and about, going to the gym, running, etc. The bit of ambient noise keeps you safe in those scenarios.

    People can complain about the two sticks or qtips or whatever they want to say derisively but they work and the double microphones with automatic selection works great for calls and siri.

    I love mine and also thought they were a joke when I first saw them. However the wife had interest and when we went to the Apple Store to purchase them, we tried them on and instantly bought two pairs. There is a clear reason why Apple can't keep them in stock. They work well and sell themselves.
  • Lawsuit over Apple retail workers' unpaid bag checks may go to California Supreme Court

    Years ago I worked for Disney at Disneyland. They were very particular about your work apparel. They had to provide it and only they were allowed to care for it or clean it. You'd get to the employee gate, clock in, then walk over to the area where you would get your uniform, get it checked out to you, change and walk out to the area of the park where you were working. They didn't allow you to take uniforms home. Every uniform was required to be cleaned and pressed by them and thus they paid on the clock for you to come in, change and walk to the area of the park where you had to go. The same thing happened in reverse. When done for the day, walk back, change and turn in uniform, clock out and then go home.

    People keep noting that this stuff is happening off the clock. The point is Apple requires you to clock out but then doesn't allow you to leave. It doesn't matter whether it is one minute or twenty minutes. It is your time, not theirs. For people who consider it akin to a commute, why would you say that when you can't leave and go to your car or bus to go home?

    I'm sure in 95% of the cases Apple does a fair and efficient job of getting people checked and out the door. If as most people claim, it is just a minute or two, then Apple can and should put those minutes on the clock. They aren't going to go broke giving up two paid minutes for security checks out of an eight hour shift. If it requires substantially more time then it should be up to Apple to design a faster and better method of security checks. If it is Apple's time, it's their dime. No dime, no time.
  • MagSafe replacement comes to Apple's 15" MacBook Pro with Vinpok Bolt-S USB-C adapter

    As someone who owns the 2016 15 inch Macbook Pro, I don't miss it. USB C connections both on the laptop and power supply make the cord pull out pretty easy if you trip over it. I haven't had a problem and love being able to charge from any port on any side. It was a good trade off/trade up.
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  • Apple Watch Nike Sport band now sold separately for $49, joins new spring lineup

    I bought my wife the Nike version so we could make sure she has the Nike software and additional watch faces. She hated the band. She went for a nylon band replacement and has never looked back.
  • In possible last gasp for iPad mini, Apple increases capacity to 128GB for $399

    I'm an owner of the iPad Mini 4 and use it at work five days a week with a third party bluetooth keyboard as my version of a mini iPad Pro. I love the size and the speed for the most part is fine. My wife has my original mini and it has gotten too long in the tooth. She has declared it too slow for browsing and it has been downgraded to Kindle books, Audible and light games like solitaire.

    I'd probably stay with the Mini forever given my druthers. However I'm starting to have to upsize everything thanks to middle-aged eyes. I own the iPhone 7 now and will try to hold on to that size and just hope for a bigger screen in the future. I don't want to carry around a larger phone. I like the mini iPad. Bigger isn't always better or shouldn't be.