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  • Inside iOS 10: Control Center expands to three panes, offering quick access to Music & Home

    creek0512 said:
    crowley said:
    I probably access CC for music controls more than anything else, so it'll be a bit annoying. Would be cool if you could invoke the different panes depending on what part of the screen bottom you swipe up from - i.e. bottom left corner area is Music, bottom centre is the main control centre, and bottom right area is Home. 
    It does stay where you left it, so if you are on the music panel and dismiss Control Center, when you swipe back up it is still on music.
    Thanks for this info. It's good to hear as this is a major way I access music playback on my phone. 
  • T-Mobile entices subscribers with stock options, weekly prizes, free in-flight Wi-Fi

    I do get dropped calls with Tmobile and always in the same spots. Sadly my commute from work goes through mountain passes where every carrier drops but Tmobile drops a bit sooner. Likewise it seems they have a day a month where their whole network just doesn't do well.

    That said the remainder of the time I get the best price, $138 for four smartphone lines with 10 gigs each plus Binge-on, international service, etc.

    I'll take the trade-offs for now. This last Memorial Day weekend I was watching SlingTV on my phone and enjoying the Western Conference Finals all with no hit to my data cap.

    I hope Tmobile will keep growing and improving. I'll suffer a few slings and arrows to have the reduced cost and the increased competition.
  • Apple TV won't get Amazon Prime Video until Apple agrees to 'acceptable business terms'

    JDP81 said:
    Since Apple doesn't charge developers a cent to have their video subscription services on AppleTV, we can see Amazon's idea of "acceptable business terms", involves either handing over iTunes account information or paying Amazon a stipend. 
    It's stupid.. if they don't want to sell content with the cut to Apple why don't they just do what they've done for YEARS on iOS and make it only for streaming Prime Video and accessing your Amazon Video library.. probably because it will make the Fire TV more useless than it already is!
    Maybe the issue is weakness on Apple's side. Apple is a fourth place streaming solution. This is not a situation like on the iPhone where Apple has 95% of the profits and a decent chunk of the market and where they are innovating. They are expensive and lagging behind the competition. Apple's model used to be to sell content. We remember Steve Jobs proclaiming that people didn't want to rent their content. Right or wrong, the times have changed. Apple has no video streaming service. I'm of the opinion that their music streaming service has been underwhelming as well.

    Apple is not the leader here in innovation, marketshare or profits. They are not the most innovative streaming box. They do not have the most marketshare. They collect no profits from videostreaming.

    How are they in a position to dictate anything? They need Amazon more than Amazon needs them. Apple can declare they should set the terms but they haven't been hitting homeruns and crafting solutions that allow their age old demands for a long time. Apple TV will end up like iBooks if Apple doesn't wise up.
  • Lower MacBook sales push Apple down to sixth place in laptop marketshare

    People have been justifying what Apple does for quite a while declaring they are high end versus low end. Apple has moved beyond the high end though. They are in the realm of boutique. I love my mid-2010 MacBook Pro and with a birthday coming up I'd love to upgrade. However I have 8 gigs of RAM in my laptop and a 1.5 TB hard drive. I enjoy putting together videos footage with the action cams I have on my bike.

    iMovie at this stage has become a joke. It used to be my favorite program to use. Final Cut Pro was revised, reviled and has been dying on the vine every since.

    I can't buy a new laptop from Apple with any sort of any expandability. They've locked the SSD's to the computer. They don't offer any sort of combination with large SSD and even larger HD. They don't even offer the larger sizes of SSD for the money they are charging.

    It isn't just about updates of processors. The value proposition has fallen behind competitors. The software that created synergy around the Apple solution is neglected or second rate. Finally you can't even presume the computer is just a starting point. There is no RAM expansion, no means of adding a larger HD, nothing.

  • Hands on: Apple targets the mainstream with new iPhone SE

    Had a visit from my niece today who is very slight and small in build. In her hand she was clutching her iPhone 5S and you'd probably have to kill her to get it away from her. She had no desire to upgrade to any larger iPhone due to her small stature. She was thrilled to hear that the iPhone SE now exists for her. I'm still tempted myself to go back to the world of easy one handed use. I just don't know if my eyes can hang with it.