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  • Apple TV+ review: Russo brothers' 'Cherry' an unsuccessful exploration of war, love and dr...

    Hank2.0 said:
    I'm surprised that Apple hasn't thought of getting the broadcast rights to a whole slew of tech history films/series such as "Halt and Catch Fire", "Silicon Valley" and, of course, the Steve Jobs films just to mention a few. (
    Most likely, those who own the rights or are the creators of those properties aren’t interested in selling or sharing to anyone much less Apple. 

    Concerning Steve Jobs, I’d be willing to guess that apple wants in no way to be associated with those artistic representations of Steve. 
    Having Apple possess or distribute those projects in any way most likely will send out the message that Apple condones or endorses these depictions of him which they (Apple) have many times gone on the record to say that they are inaccurate. 

    It’s more shocking that they haven’t (to my knowledge) funded their own projects about him. 

    It’s a difficult thing to do. 

    Its a problematic venture because no matter how good or “accurate” story Apple tells about Steve Jobs, they’ll always have their detractors. 

    So it’s a bit like p!$$ing in the wind. Any progress they make with such a project will always paint a easy target on them. 

    Still I’d like to see it. 
  • Insta360 launches GO 2 magnetic action cam

    Read the whole article twice and watch the video. . . did I miss how much memory this thing holds? 
  • New 'Mythic Quest' trailer released, season 2 to debut on May 7

    Watched a few episodes. Haven’t finished it but seems funny and a some what of a exaggerated farcical look at gaming developers and companies.  

    Well. . . at least I thought until CDPR and Cyberpunk 2077.  :|

    It’s like Silicon Valley meets Parks and Recreation. 

    Not as legendary as those yet but who knows. 
  • Two different folding iPhone prototypes allegedly pass first quality checks

    Here’s my thing with folding phones. 

    1) Folding to a more compact form factor. 
    2) potential  for More diversity in screen and camera use. 
    3) Self standing options. 

    1) THAT HINGE 
    3) Battery(s)

    All phones won’t last forever but the complexity of the hinge design and operation leaves a lot to be concerned about. 

    Apple has spent years trying to minimize and fortify the design of the iPhone. To go back to more potentially vulnerable design could be the wrong step forward. 

    As far as the screen, I personally can’t stand that crease and the feel of the so called “glass” of those current foldable phones. Feels more like the plastic screen guards I used to use before discovering the tempered glass guards. 

    Not to mention that foldable screens have their own durability challenges. There’s only a certain amount of times the screen can be bent before the pixels and quality can or will start to deteriorate. 

    Again, they count and test for this but I just don’t care add those potential problems for the few benefits it offers. 

    A Folding design may cause the need for smaller less powerful batteries.  

    Here’s to hoping Apple solves some if not all of these problems. 
  • MagSafe Duo Charger limited to 11W with 20W adapter

    Japhey said:
    As predicted last week. 
    So, let’s see... that’s a total of $148 for a compromised charging speed OR $178 for a slightly better, yet still compromised, charging speed? Lol, I can’t wait to hear how it gets defended now.  
    Initially I thought this product looked pretty good. But, with all these compromised charging speeds and these prices without blocks… It’s looking more and  more like this is not something I want to get invested in.

    You can’t hold your phone and charge either with this product . . . well maybe you can but it would most likely be a very heavy and bulk hold. 

    At first glance it looks like a nice little travel package but you’d still need to carry a cable and a charging block along with this thick foldable charger.

    So it really isn’t that portable. 

    What I suggest is that if you’re  looking for portability… Pick up the Apple Watch magnetic charger dock… It comes with a super long cable and with this you could fold up and separate from the cord. $79. 

    Then get a dual Anker charger for $14 

    Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

    There’s also a cheap Belkin alternative that uses your Apple Watch included mag Charger but you can’t separate it from the disc. 

    Belkin Travel Stand Charger for Apple Watch Series 4, 3, 2, 1, Black

    Sure you would still need a cable and a charging block for your iPhone… But you already have those and if you bought this duo charger, you would still need a cable and a charging block to travel with it so you’re not really add any more to your travel accessories.