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  • Everything new in iOS 14.2 beta 1 -- updates to Control Center, Watch icon & more

    Hopefully they fix the horrendous bug that unpacks all of your app folders when you add one of the larger  widgets to the home screen and move them to another page.

    What a nightmare… Every single app in all the folders got unpacked and I had 12 pages open that I had to re-organize.

    As cute as it is and as easy as if they think it is… They really need to get rid of this “wiggle” thing and just add a simple drag and drop to make folders and remove folders.

    Also how about a page rearrange? Why can’t I just drag the whole page and place it in front of another page? 

    Maybe I’m missing something but its all so tedious 
  • Apple debuts $249 AirPods Pro with active noise cancellation

    Ummm COLORS?!
  • Some iPhone XS & XS Max owners complaining of poor wireless reception

    markbyrn said:
    no problem here with my xs max - must we have reference Antennagate with every bug report?
    Well… Sadly I can say this…

    I am called by many people (friends&family) an Apple sheep. I’ve always maintained that I am a Techy  and I just prefer for Apple products  over there build Quality and general reliable performance.

    I’ve always defended Apple, from and to various gates, to the battery software, etc. 

    With that said I can 100% confirm that I am definitely seeing a massive difference in the way this phone performs with my Wi-Fi network than with any other past iPhone.

     Maybe if iOS12 or maybe it’s something with in the iPhone XS max. But I can tell you that on daily basis, and hourly basis I have to turn off and on my iPhones Wi-Fi to get it work again. 

    Hopefully software are will fix it. 

    Luckily I can screen record this activity. 
  • Review: Apple's new wireless AirPods put a smile on 2016

    chromos said:
    sog35 said:
    andrewj5790 said:

    You have to tap pretty hard. It's more like a finger hit
    I've tried it. VERY HARD. Still does not work.

    probably will return it for a new pair when these are in stock in a few months.
    Try to tap with your fingernail instead of the fleshy part of your finger.
    Actually it's controlled by the accelerometer. So all it needs is a certain type of jiggle. Fingertip or fleshy part of the finger doesn't matter. Don't try too hard and don't try to sort,  just tap tap. Works fine for me.
  • Apple issues fifth betas of iOS 10.1 with iPhone 7 Plus Portrait photos, macOS 10.12.1

    I'm having a lot of enjoyment with this feature. I just want to shoot all my photos with it. 

    either way the iPhone takes amazing photos but look at how much more interesting the photo becomes with the effect on.