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  • Editorial: After disrupting iTunes, Spotify demands a free ride from Apple's App Store

    knowitall said:
    Apple does this for €100 (or so) per year (this means your app disapears if you doesn't pay!) which is fairly costly.  

    If you don’t pay any apps on the App Store stay there. You can no longer upload but you can develop and install on any connected device 
  • Samsung app leaks new Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds earphones, fitness bands

    Is it me or does the Fit use the Nike font and colouring ?  
  • If you want to sue Apple over FaceTime eavesdropping and live in Canada, now's your chance...

    While Apple is certainly the target of frivolous and ambulance chaser lawsuits, here the one issue I have is them waiting a week after they knew about the issue to shut it down and/or even notify people. Confidential information is discussed on FaceTime and not immediately taking action is not acceptable. Similar to the whole Facebook thing and how long it took them to revoke the Enterprise certification. Apple needs to react to these things in a timely fast manner if they want the trust of the customers. 

    That said unless people can prove they were harmed the lawsuit is a money grab for the lawyers as I'd guess 99% of the class. 
    Can you begin to imagine the nimber of bug reports that apple gets in a week that nee to be sorted through, the may be large but that does not mean unlimited resources, all bug reports take time to check, I think that a week is incredibly short, most companies take a lot longer than this to acknowledge a bug let alone try and fix it. I think most people think that a few minutes with an editor and bugs simply fall away. When people have never developed code, they should refrain from commenting on reactions. The same can be said for most jobs where people comment without having any idea of the complexity.
  • If you want to sue Apple over FaceTime eavesdropping and live in Canada, now's your chance...

    If companies face a process for every bug in their software, some are going to have a very hard time.
  • HomePod private beta could be testing voice calls, multiple timers

    How the heck does Siri not already allow you to set multiple timers.  Baffling.
    iOS does not have multiple timers, Siri is is a voice interface to iOS functionality, so it is normal that Siri does not allow this. There are probably hundreds of apps that allow multiple timers on the app store so this has never been a major problem, It still amazes me how much noise this one function can generate on the echo chamber.