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  • iPhone X burst mode, slo-mo featured in new Apple photography tutorials

    icoco3 said:
    I often wonder if ALL of these “shot on an iphone” commercials are actually entirely shot on an iphone. It seems most of it is shot on professional cameras with one or two shots from an iphone, but making people think the whole thing was actually shot on an iphone.
    It may be you find it hard to believe that you can actually do it on an iPhone.  Stop wondering and believe.
    On the contrary, i am a travel photographer who uses an iphone all the time. I totally believe in it’s capabilities as a camera. My question was about the iphone commercials. They seem very slick. Almost too slick. And i wonder if much of them were shot on high end digital cameras, with some iphone footage thrown in.
    It was shot on a high end digital camera, the one in the iPhone X.
  • Face ID on iOS 12 allows two different faces to unlock the same iPhone

    Could this be used to set up a 90 degree rotated face for landscape unlocking ?

  • Apple releases iOS 11.4 for iPhone and iPad with AirPlay 2, Messages in iCloud support

    When you announce a new software feature, that does not mean that it is ready. Sometimes when developing software things arrive that were not foreseen and major structural changes need to be done. All these armchair commenters about how such and such is late have never developed software or hardware. Software at this level, near perfect up time over millions of instances is not hard, its near impossible, and the slightest hitch in the system will be laughed all over the net, I for one am pleased that when things are hard the delay them until they are ready, rather than deliver a lesser experience.

    At least they have delivered, some companies announce flashy new stuff then realise that they are shooting for the moon and quietly don't ever say anything more. 
  • iOS release of 'Fortnite' rakes in over $25M in first 30 days

    adm1 said:
    MacPro said:
    If ever there were proof needed that 'Free apps' with 'in-app purchases' should be avoided this is it.  The term 'trap' comes to mind.
    No one is forcing folks to spend money.
    How stupid do you think people are?
    they're not stupid, but some are definitely fooled into thinking a freemium game is cheaper by paying just a few pence or pounds every so often vs paying up front to own it entirely. They'll often end up paying at least 10x the price of a regular game and still not have unlocked the whole thing.
    There are no game unlocks for Fortnite, the IAPs are for customising the avatars, everyone plays on equal footing regardless of $s spent.
  • iPhone 7 Plus Intel or Qualcomm modems at crux of small claims court victory over Apple

    tht said:
    Apple store rep messed up and all they needed to do was change the phone to a Qualcomm modem one.

    It could be the buyer was a jerk and no communication between himself and Apple could have ensued. Well, in that case, they both messed up.
    Easy to just change a 2 YEAR OLD phone for a new one because he said it should work anywhere !