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  • macOS High Sierra App Store settings menu not effectively secured by user password

    1. What/who is the greater level of access than administrator ?

    2. The simple solution is not to us an account that has administrator privileges.
  • Watch: Five ways iPhone X could be better

    i agree with a few

    1) i don't understand why two actions are need to activate the phone: can't just having face id registeriing my face be enough , why do i have to swipe up?
    Two actions are not needed to activate the phone, the phone will display your notifications with a look to display their contents, the second action is to take you to the home screen and is the standard home screen action. May be an option to automatically take to the home screen but then you would need some mechanism to stay on the notifications.
    BTW, the double action to the home screen has always been present even with touch ID, touch to unlock and press to go to the home screen.
  • How to force close apps on iPhone X

    You said it best- easy switching between a few open apps. When there’s a zillion open, like is the case whenever i take my wife’s phone to do updates, you can’t find anything. We run an eBay business and I list constantly from my phone, switching back and forth between the photos app (to know what I’m listing), the notes app (where I copy and paste my store policies) and the eBay app. That’s a typical work flow. Extremely easy using a home button. To each his own though because I can tell you that two days ago I was in the Orlando Apple store and there were at least 25 people lined up mid day to fork over $1000+ for the X yet I think it’s both ugly and, minus home button/Touch ID and it’s related gestures, impractical.
    without the home button you can simply swipe the home bar back and forth directly from one app to the other, no need to invoke the app switcher, Even easier than using the home button, but gestures are impratical aparently.
  • Apple says it will help make limited anti-spam iPhone app for Indian government

    Soli said:
    1) Colonization is a loaded word for India (and a million more places once dominated by the British).

    2) I wish Apple would build into their phone app a service that would check the potential validity of a phone number. It should take no time at all to send that number to their Siri servers to then check against whatever database they would use and then send back any pertinent info to be displayed.
    For your number 2, this has existed since iOS10,
  • Face ID on iPhone X is just as fast, if not faster, than Touch ID

    I'm still baffled on how many opinion pieces are passed around Appleinsider now a days as real news... This is not accurate. There are already benchmarks noting that via default settings, FaceID take approximately 1.6-1.8 seconds to authenticate versus TouchID which takes around 0.9 seconds. That's almost double the amount of time. Please check your facts.
    The testing here was wrong, he was pressing the side button then waiting for unlock then sliding up, and for touch ID only pressing, the default is to pick up the phone and slide up at the same time, the whole point is not to wait for the unlock, iOS multitasks and will eventually wait if there is a recognition problem (e.g. multiple faces detected).