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  • Netflix's password sharing crackdown is coming to the US

    Well, there’s nothing you can do about it except not subscribe, right? Netflix will survive and thrive because it has a quality product to offer, just like Apple and its “overpriced garbage”  according to some here.. If I had a penny for every post declaring hatred for some company and its policies (like cellular providers, cable TV companies, etc) I could buy an island in the South Pacific. 

    Keep gnashing those teeth, brother.
  • Netflix's password sharing crackdown is coming to the US

    "Netflix does expect that it will lose subscribers when the new policy comes into effect in the States, but believes that overall it's worth it. “

    Losing those subscribers will be a plus for Netflix. 
    Those subscribers who shared their password with all family members are hurting revenue anyway. Just like Napster and the music industry people will always be able to rationalize thievery, claiming Netflix is overpriced and deserved to be taken down. Human nature at its finest.
  • Apple turns on HomePod's smoke alarm recognition

    Update: This morning all is well. A popup appeared asking me if I wanted to turn on the smoke and alarm detection feature. The ‘safety and security’ option in Home->Settings reappeared after disappearing yesterday.
  • Apple savings account for Apple Card has arrived -- here's how to get started

    Applejacs said:
    lkrupp said:
    Setup was eazy peezy in a few seconds.
    Yes, it certainly is... for people with reading comprehension and some glimmer of intelligence. Take a walk over to the ADF (Apple Discussion Forums) and visit the Apple Card forum. There you will find complete chaos, unfathomable ignorance, inability to follow instructions, claims that it is a scam by Apple to make people get Apple Cards, ranting, raving about what a disaster the rollout is. Claims of being on the phone with Apple Support who hang up on you, are clueless bumpkins.

    Face it, the U.S. is populated by entitled idiots who can’t read, want everything done for them. There is no hope.
    This ^^^
    Set this up and transferred some parked $$$ in all of 2 minutes. Nice, easy implementation.
    Update: The cacophony and ignorance continues unabated in the Apple Card forum. People screaming their lungs out about how they can’t figure out how to set up Apple Savings, can’t transfer their Apple Cash to it (even though happens automatically), asking how many times they can make withdrawals (I thought a savings account was for saving). Many are angry because they have to have an Apple Card to begin with, even angrier when told they must be on iOS 16.4.1 for it to be available, can’t figure out how to add an external bank account to transfer money from and to. It’s really hilarious reading the posts.
  • Apple TV+ 'Mythic Quest' actor F. Murray Abraham exited series after sexual misconduct cla...

    Well he did kill Mozart you know.