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  • End of an era: Netflix is ending mailed DVD service after 25 years

    BiC said:
    Darn it! Now I have to go back to Torrents. Sad Sad Day.  What am I going to do with all my computers with a DVD reader.
    Are you proud of being a common thief? You’d rent a DVD but steal a stream?
  • Apple turns on HomePod's smoke alarm recognition

    jeromec said:
    "Apple turns on HomePod's smoke alarm recognition"...has anyone actually been able to turn it on?
    Does it work with iOS16.4.1 or does it require iOS16.5, currently in beta?
    There is not even a source for the info in the article!
    After upgrading to the new HomeKit architecture an option in Home Settings appeared labeled “Safety and Security” but it’s greyed out on my Home app. I assume this is the smoke alarm detection but I don’t know or why it’s greyed out.

    Note: After restarting both my HomePod and my iPhone the “Safety and Security” option disappeared. The Home App reports “This home and all accessories are up to date”. Go figure. 

    Let’s see what tomorrow brings 
  • LockBit ransomware is now targeting Macs for the first time

    Well, as usual, the user would likely have be to tricked into downloading and installing the package. Or it could be included in a pirated version of some popular software. So let's face it, all this stuff still relies ton the gullibility and greed of certain users. It’s not a self-replicating or self-installing virus of yesteryear that can take your system on its own.

    Be vigilant, don’t steal, use common sense. If it sounds too good to be true it likely is.
  • Mac shipments collapse 40% year over year on declining demand

    elijahg said:
    I suspect price is a factor. The base 14” MBP with M2 Pro for example is an amazing machine, but it is also expensive. RAM/SSD upgrades are also laughably overpriced. 

    The M1 iMac is 3 years old now, and still no sign of any updates. Who wants to pay the same price for a 3 year old machine as they would when it was introduced? And the Mac Pro? Yet again after promises of it not being abandoned and promises of the 2 year Apple Silicon transition, it’s been 4 years with zero updates and a year past the 2 year timeline - and the same same base price.  It’s not like Apple lacks the engineering resources to keep these up to date. 

    Macs are the best, but there’s only so far people will stretch to buy the best - and for that price, they don’t want something that’s got 3 years less lifetime.
    Oh please, just stop with the “overpriced” bullshit. Your ilk has been waving that flag for over forty years now. And just like the Sun rises in the East the prophets of doom crawl out of the woodwork whenever Apple sales allegedly stumble. All the memes are dusted off and trotted out... Steve is dead, Apple has lost its way. the law of large numbers, overpriced, no innovation, profit over customer, Apple is boring and uninteresting... and on and on and on.

    Give it rest, haters.
  • There is a big interest in an iPhone Fold, well ahead of any launch

    DAalseth said:
    There is a big interest in an iPhone Fold
    No not really. There is interest from the bleeding edge technorotti. there is interest from tech writers. I see little interest in a phone with a crease in the middle of its screen from anyone else. Certainly not at the silly prices that keep getting thrown around. 
    Agree. I have yet to see a folding phone in the wild, anywhere, not in a store, not at a sporting event, not in a theatre, nowhere. If there were such an interest you'd think you would see them.