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  • Epic CEO fears Apple's influence over the metaverse

    This from the CEO of a company who just had to pay a $245 million fine for tricking children into running up charges on its games. What a twat!
  • Kremlin says nyet to iPhone ahead of presidential election

    avon b7 said:
    lkrupp said:
    avon b7 said:
    flydog said:
    Ha! Yes. Things have reached near hysteria levels. 

    This is from a few years ago:

    And this from further back:

    How long before a 'National Security' card gets into Monopoly? LOL
    You really love the moral equivalency thing don’t you. Totalitarianism and Democracy are the same thing in your mind. No difference. Well, since you think there’s no difference you may get your wish if Section 230 is repealed. AppleInsider management has already said if that happens there will little choice but to shut down the forums out of fear of lawsuits. Then where would you spout your moral equivalency.
    What does any of that have to do with the US (or any other government) being paranoid?

    I'm not drawing moral equivalency. I'm highlighting examples. 

    It's not the end of the world. 
    The hell you’re not. You are ‘johnny on the spot’ whenever the subject comes up, ready with links to show the U.S. is just a s bad as China. You revel in it. Russia just banned the iPhone and here you are with links about your favorite object of desire, Huawei, and how it has been mistreated by the evil U.S. government. What a piece of work you are.
  • Kremlin says nyet to iPhone ahead of presidential election

    netrox said:
    Love how people think that USA is doing the same when in reality, it's not. 

    China has full control over the Internet. USA doesn't. 

    US FBI have complained how Apple refuses to build a backdoor. Apple said no and it's been respected. In China, you have no choice. 

    You have right to encryption, not so in China where most of the traffic has to be non-SSL.

    Yes, ever notice that when a totalitarian dictatorship (Russia, China, Iran) is called out for being evil the usual suspects here come to their defense by saying “the West does it too”. It’s like death and taxes, you can count on them showing up almost immediately.
  • Amazon slashing 9,000 more jobs in fresh round of layoffs

    So millennials are finding out how the world really works, that no job is secure, that all this talk about how companies value employees is bullshit. You didn’t want to come back to work at the office but wanted to remain cozy working at home with your pet cat on your lap. It’s the BOTTOM LINE, baby, the bottom line. Get used to it, You’ll be switching jobs every few years for the rest of your lives with no security, no perks, no free lunches and lattes. Think joining a union will make it all better? Hardy har har. The SCOTUS is likely to shitcan your hopes of getting your student loan debt laid on the backs of taxpayers. $400 billion? Think again. 

    The world will continue to need electricians, plumbers, brick masons, welders, carpenters, big equipment operators for the foreseeable future, not so much programmers, data entry workers, marketing types, even certain engineering fields as AI will see to that. It’ll be awhile until Boston Dynamics comes up with a robot that can wire and plumb a new home.

    End rant from a 73 year old curmudgeon.
  • Meta cuts another 10,000 jobs in 'year of efficiency'

    kestral said:
    Facebook is toxic. And it starts at the top. They have to chuck the Zuck.
    Well, a lot of people right here want to Toss the Tim. Neither is going to happen.