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  • Apple making the case that Apple Silicon Mac & iPhone are great gaming machines

    Getting the big names in gaming to support Apple Silicon is going to time and a whole lot of money. About the only way they will convince gamers themselves is to come up with a Mac that will wipe the floor with their custom setups. Can that ever happen? Maybe, IF Apple decides it’s worth it and is willing to apply the resources.

    My opinion? They aren’t willing.
  • Apple's India production dream hindered by low yields and a lack of urgency

    I would like to hear from some of the people on this blog who have repeatedly stated that Apple could cease all production in China with a snap of their finger.

    As for Mexico, do you really want drug cartels manufacturing your iPhone? Because that’s who’s running Mexico these days.
  • Here's what the Apple Glasgow retail store union negotiated for itself

    "The agreement and union is a significant win for staff, as other Apple Stores haven't been so lucky. For example, the St. Louis Galleria Mall Apple retail store abandoned its attempt to unionize in November, blaming the company's opposition to such attempts.”

    That’s a damned lie. It has been verified by journalists that not enough employees were willing to join and the effort therefore failed. The union involved falsely spun it as illegal pressure from Apple.

    “guarantee pay equity and fairness” which means everyone gets the same pay whether they work hard or not. There’s no incentive to work hard, to go the extra mile for the customer at all which is the hallmark of unionism. One self-dedicated worker may do 80% of the work while five others do 20% but they get the same paycheck. I know because I actually worked in such an environment. The managers knew who worked and who was just there to collect a paycheck, so guess who they assigned the tough jobs to knowing those jobs would get done?
  • Google Pixel 7 is having reliability issues with buttons & camera lenses

    JP234 said:
    droids said:
    Of course, this is from appleinsider.......
    I love my Pixel 7, it's amazing -  no problems at all  Why would I pay more for an iPhone.....that does less. 
    Why are you posting your love for a phone on an Apple forum. Kinda kinky, if you ask me…
    Isn’t it interesting how these two feel the need to justify their choices by commenting on the competition’s tech blog. They could post on any of the myriad of Android blogs about their love of their products but no, they chose to join and post on sites like AppleInsider and MacRumors.

    Psychologically this has to smack of insecurity and a need to reinforce their choices by putting down the ‘other’ choices. I don’t visit, let alone join, Android blogs because I simply don’t care. Like you accurately point, this is kinky to say the least.
  • Future HomeKit could track you through your house and predict your needs

    And I just found out from a TidBits article that Siri now supports rebooting your iPhone/iPad. “Hey Siri, Reboot” It works