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  • Google's Chromium team working on non-WebKit browser for iOS

    DAalseth said:
    What are the benefits to Google in using a non-WebKit based browser?
    My guess would be the opportunity to do data mining. That’s why I won’t touch Chrome with a ten foot pole.
    But on the Apple Discussion Forums the Chrome browser is has a constant presence with users always asking for help with problems they have using it on their Macs and iDevices. Chrome is by far the most popular browser in the world now. That’s why I’m always saying deep down people don’t care about their data being collected.

    And we should know by now that third party App stores are coming. They’ve been around for the Mac since day one and there’s no reason iOS won’t still thrive with them. Apple will make iOS as bulletproof as possible like macOS and let the consumer decide to screw themselves like they continue to do so on the Mac. 
  • First M2 Pro benchmarks prove big improvement over M1 Max

    AniMill said:
    “Wish I could simply plug a Mac mini into my iMac display.”

    I believe this to be deliberate. If Target Displays Mode still existed, the reason and need for the Studio Display would be greatly diminished. I believe many iMac 5K users would see the Mac Mini M2 Pro as a great alternative to buying a new Apple display.

    Oh horse manure. Enough with the planned obsolescence conspiracy theories. And you wouldn’t buy an Apple monitor anyway.
  • Doubtful rumor has M3 MacBook Air coming out by late 2023

    sflagel said:
    Interesting, but where is the 15 inch MacBook Air? That one’s really urgent.
  • Twitter frustrating developers as it cuts off some third-party apps

    Anilu_777 said:
    Free speech my a$$. Controlled access via the official app isn’t free speech, it’s authoritarian. 
    What’s free speech got to do with it? These are third party parasite apps that make money by siphoning users away from Twitter itself as middlemen. No one is stifling free speech in any way.
  • Goldman Sachs lost $1.2 billion in 2022 mostly because of Apple Card

    If you are an Apple Discussion Forums junkie like I am and frequent the Apple Card forum you’ll get an idea of how utterly stupid those card holders are. That forum is flooded with users trying to play smoke and mirrors games with their credit, payments, balance transfers (not supported on the Apple Card), etc. You can assume that goes on with all credit cards so Apple not charging late fees, having a generous billing period, and interest free payments on Apple products adds up. Other credit cards make a ton of money on losers who can’t make their payments on time to save their lives, have huge APRs because of their wonky credit ratings, and carry gigantic balances. There’s also a steady stream of users who have either filed for bankruptcy or obtained a consolidated loan to pay off their debt. You simply don't see this stuff on other credit cards because they don’t have user forums. It’s a real Zoo.

    As for me and, I assume, a large percentage of Apple Card holders, I have never paid a dime in interest. So there’s another reason that Goldman Sachs could be losing money.