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  • 'iPhone 12' may not ship with EarPods, power adapter to offset 5G costs

    Apple products, iPhones and otherwise, are premium products and should come complete with a premium charger and EarPods. What trillion valuation does Apple need to achieve to ‘offset’ the cost anything let alone 5G?  Got too many chargers and EarPods kicking around?  Feel free to donate them away or give them to your local Apple Store so you can feel good about helping Apple ‘offset’ their costs. If Apple starts selling cars, will the Gen 2+ models be sold without wheels or chargers since you can just transfer your Gen 1 components over?  I think it’s just a greedy way to appear more environmentally conscious.
  • All the new features in iOS 11.4: AirPlay 2, Messages in the Cloud, & much more

    Does emoeller said:
    Can't get Messages on my Mac to sync via iCloud.  All of my iOS devices seem to work.  Anyone else have this issue?
    Details including Mac are published at

    You have to read footnote 1 in for confirmation that once Messages in iCloud is enabled, messages are now stored in general iCloud storage (which still counts towards your free 5GB or paid storage plan), rather than iCloud Backup storage.

    Since most of the storage space is used by images and attachments, it would great to have a one-tap option to select all images / attachments, to delete them in batch (instead of having to select each of them one at a time one before tapping trash, or by deleting the entire conversation)
  • Apple officially discontinues AirPort router product line, available while supplies last [...

    RIP AirPort Time Capsule.  While time machine backups were slow as hell, I was really happy with the APTC because 'it just worked', as in reliable Wi-Fi and time machine backups.  I got friends/family to adopt APx/APTC in their homes as it made my life easier.

    That all changed in mid-2016 when Apple released a firmware that caused my APTC to become unresponsive to the AirPort Utility on iOS and Mac and time machine backups.  It still served up Wi-Fi but time machine stopped completing most backups - I had to power cycle it to get it to resolve these issues, and even then only for 12-24 hours.  I opened a case and invested hours with support to capture and send logs, rebuild my Mac from scratch, and test APTC configuration changes (including disabling Back to my Mac, relocate the APTC to be directly Ethernet-connected to the Mac I wanted to backup, stop using bridge mode, and even disable Wi-Fi).  Apple Support was always ever hopeful, and I was only too accommodating since I wanted to make it work. 

    In spring of 2017, Apple finally gave me a 3TB external thunderbolt drive for my troubles and closed the case unresolved.  I knew then that such a concession meant there was no future for this product.  All it does for me now is act as a layer-2 switch and I'm using another brand for Wi-Fi.  All is back to normal except I have to reboot this AP whenever some of my HomeKit devices become responsive.  Can't help but wonder if an APx or APTC would result in the same HomeKit hiccups.

    Apple and Cisco have partnered to delver better business-grade Wi-Fi.  Hopefully a consumer-level partnership emerges, if not a stand-alone product, that is aligned with Apple's development and brings back the 'it just works' days.