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  • Samsung's 'iTest' website lets iPhone users test out Android

    Nice idea, well executed tbf.

    I thought I wouldn’t like Android but now I’m absolutely positive. 
  • Apple discontinues full-size HomePod, to focus on HomePod mini

    Sad to hear. I have three Homepods and now two Homepod Minis. Of course the sound isn’t as good on the Minis, it couldn’t be, but they are a hit with the family, especially the wife, and casual tech types who have seen them (through the window, wearing masks ;)) My kids love them and they have Echo Dots in their rooms, so there’s something about the price and form factor that really works; I can see easily how the Mini is doing numbers the Homepod could only dream of. But the sound and aesthetic combo of the larger Homepod is still top class to me, really superb. Stereo pair in the lounge for movie time - beautiful. That was always the point for me, not the smart speaker aspect - a great sound with a look the wife could stand. A real shame to see them go. 
  • UK politicians urge government to try for Apple Car production jobs

    JWSC said:
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    anantksundaram said:

    Brexit certainly didn't hurt its vaccination efforts, considering the disaster that the EU is on that front with its suboptimal common purchasing agreement: the UK leads all major countries of the world, with nearly 20% of its population having got at least one dose. (US is second best -- again among major countries, with ~13%). Plenty of reporting on all this for those interested, so I am not providing cites. 
    This was possible whilst in the EU, and actually, the deals for the vaccines were done whilst in the EU. Brexit has nothing to do with this. We merely authorised the vaccines first and earlier than the EU. From this article:
    Under European law a vaccine must be authorised by the EMA, but individual countries can use an emergency procedure that allows them to distribute a vaccine for temporary use in their domestic market.

    Britain is still subject to those EU rules during the post-Brexit transition period which runs until the end of the year (2020).

    The UK's own medicines regulator, the MHRA, confirmed this in a statement last month.

    And its chief executive, Dr June Raine, said on Wednesday that "we have been able to authorise the supply of this vaccine using provisions under European law, which exist until 1 January".
    So, nothing to do with Brexit.
    Au contraire mon frere, Brexit certainly played its role.  Several E.U. nations such as France and Germany initiated their own negotiations with Astra Zeneca a month or so after the U.K. finalized their deal with the company.  But before they could finalize their deals the European Commission stepped in and said, “Hold up.  We need to be in charge of this at an E.U. level.”  That delayed negotiations by an additional two months.  The U.K. was not constrained in any way.

    And now the E.U. is upset with Astra Zeneca because they are honoring contracts in the order in which they were negotiated and received.  Comical.
    Exactly this. 
  • Hyundai and Kia confirm 'Apple Car' talks have ended

    M68000 said:
    So much for going to the Apple website and clicking on the AppleCar product section.  I'm sure Elon Musk is laughing harder now than when he became the richest man on the planet.  It's already game over for Apple when it comes to EV sales.  I can understand why Wall Street is going to put most of its money into Tesla rather than Apple.  Big investors are far more excited over EVs than smartphones because share gains will be much higher for Tesla than Apple.  EVs have replaced cloud storage as the low-hanging fruit for making unlimited revenue.  Apple has now missed out on both.  For every Tesla Model S Plaid Plus sold, Apple will have to sell 100 iPhone 13 Pro Max units.  Apple shareholders are not going to be happy with that thought.  Tesla has now secured the necessary investor mindshare to permanently have a P/E of 1400.  Apple will struggle to hold a P/E of 40.  Musk wins again as the CEO with the Midas Touch.
    There is just one little problem with your claim.  EV vehicles are about 1% of the market.  Assuming that these allegedly wonderful EV vehicles ever go mass market, there is plenty of room for market share by many others and not just Tesla or Apple.   Will be interesting long term if EV vehicles are really great for environment and live up to the hype

    It's not "IF"....  That's been firmly settled....
    Depends how we are generating the electricity to charge these things. 
  • Hyundai and Kia confirm 'Apple Car' talks have ended

    So talks “fail” with Hyundai and Kia and that’s it for Apple? Pretty sure there will be other avenues to explore...

    And I think we’d all agree, what Apple does brilliantly is disrupt existing markets. In that context, not being first or even close to first in the EV market is an advantage for Apple.