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  • Hollywood Critics Association Awards recognizes Apple TV+ as most nominated streaming serv...

    I'm no expert, but don't most movie distributors, including Apple, purchase movies and properties after they have been funded, filmed and finalized by private producers? If so, it's not really the distributor who should get the credit for all the awards.

    In the case of TV shows, it's probably just the pilot episodes that are funded privately, after which the producers shop around for a distributor to fund the whole season.

    Not even close to true. Two minutes of research could have answered this for you. The vast majority of Apple TV+ content was funded, conceived, hired for, and supported from the very beginning by Apple.

    And so yes, it is Apple who should get the credit. Obviously.
  • iPhone 14 Pro displays will be slightly larger than iPhone 13 Pro, says analyst

    Bad copy editing once again: it's hundredths of an INCH, not hundredths of a millimeter.

    0.06 inches is actually somewhat noticeable; that's basically 1/16".
  • Apple's Self Repair Program was never going to be what repair advocates wanted

    mfryd said:
    What happens when my 5 year old iPhone, Mac or iPad is declared "obsolete" by Apple.  At that point they will no longer sell parts, issue software upgrades, or offer support for the device.

    As it stands, the iPhone will refuse to fully work with replacement parts unless Apple blesses the replacement.  That won't happen once Apple drops support.

    At some point, Apple will stop issuing software updates to fix crucial security issues.  That wouldn't be an issue except that Apple prevents me from installing a third party OS (for example Linux or Android).   

    I would be much happier if Apple opened up repairs and software once they stopped supporting a device.

    Remember, Apple Silicon Macs, iPhones, and iPads are all tied to the owner's Apple ID.  At the very least, they should allow the registered Apple ID to approve pairing of replacement parts.   I'm OK with it giving a warning if someone swaps the fingerprint sensor, or makes hardware/software alternations without my approval.  However, as the registered Apple ID for the device, I should be able to approve those changes.

    Could we at least argue in good faith, please? Apple's not going to do that. The iPhone 6S is still supported with the latest iOS. Apple routinely supports iOS devices for more than twice as long as competitors. And you're going to get freaking Linux or Android on an iOS device, so stop whining. Neither is it Apple job to magically give you that. You think ANDROID is going to give you security updates 5-10 years down the road for hardware that isn't even Android hardware? Stop hallucinating. They can't even manage 3 years consistently on their own native devices.

  • Satechi launches new space-saving dual laptop stand

    "Its gold-plated connector provides an uninterrupted viewing experience"? 

    Good Lord. No. Please, no.

    The gold plating magically makes the 1s and 0s flow more accurately? It prevents "interruptions"? No it doesn't. It does nothing of the kind.

    Please, AppleInsider. We all get enough of this idiocy elsewhere; let's not spread it here, too.
  • The metaverse is 'off limits' on Apple's VR headset, claims report

    starof80 said:
    If the rumors about this is true, Apple would be smart to reconsider about getting in the Metaverse. They will be left behind.
    Yeah. That's what's going to happen: the world's most visionary company is going to be "left behind" by the superior wisdom of the guy who built a company out of his teenage-incel fantasy.