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  • Whistleblower casts doubt on Apple's claims that it doesn't silence employees

    Anyone else getting a bit weary of complaints that seem to be supported by Cher Scarlett and...basically nobody else and no other evidence?

    Also, asking someone to sign an NDA does not equate to "silencing" them. This should be blatantly obvious from the get-go, right? But in this case it's even more blindingly obvious: she refused to sign, and here she is complaining to her heart's content.

    So perhaps I am just dim or obtuse, but I'm having trouble seeing what the actual problem is, here. She wants to be an Apple critic, she apparently planned to be an Apple critic starting about fifty milliseconds after getting hired by Apple, and, lo and behold, here she is being an Apple critic, unhindered. Great. Have at.
  • Apple claps back at 'secret' app ad purchase claims, says supports more than 100 apps

    Hedware said:
    Forbes is now so right wing it can’t report the truth any more. 
    In point of fact, Forbes has never been very good at reporting on tech. It's not just political bias; they lack fundamental cluefulness and they obviously lack a good tech editor.
  • Tom Hanks film 'Finch' sets Apple TV+ film premiere record

    Watched it, and found it to be a complete waste of time. The story/plot was non-existent. It’s like they thought if they just showed Hanks for 2 hours that it’d mean it’s a good movie. 2 hours and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the point of the story was. How are there literally only 3 characters in the entire move (and only one of which was an actual HUMAN) and we had absolutely ZERO character development!?
    Cool story, bro. But you might have skipped over the part where an intelligent life form was literally created by the hand of man, and then movingly evolved to embody its creator. I, for one, count that as character development.
  • Apple plans to dial back mask mandate in U.S. stores

    What about Texas?  I'd thought we would be in the first group.
    What would possibly make you think that? Texas' vaccination rate is poor, it has an idiotic anti-vaxxer governor, and risks are still higher than average there.
  • Apple execs discuss Apple Watch Series 7 challenges & design process

    There's nothing here about the "design process" at all. Also, please find a copy editor who knows what "bezels" means.