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  • EU proposing USB-C smartphone charger standard

    lkrupp said:
    Great. Talk about stifling innovation. What happens when the next generation of USB or Thunderbolt or something brand new comes along. How long will it take the EU bureaucrats to legislate the next charging protocol? As for innovation why would tech company engineers even make the effort to improve charging when they’re staring years of bureaucratic morass in the face to get the new system ‘approved’?

    So the EU has now declared that USB-C is the be-all, end-all of ports. New, advanced technology need not apply. So let it be written, so let it be done.
    Like the Lightning port is ‘innovation’ in 2021 🙄
    You might want to actually learn about Lightning before speaking in public about it. It's still superior to USB-C for the iPhone. Which is why Apple is still using it. It's also why they were forced to develop it in the first place—there was nothing out there that could do the job.
  • iPad mini review roundup: Superior speed but missing a critical feature

    netrox said:
    isnt iPad Mini also a phone since it supports cellular (if you go for celluar in addition to wifi)? 

    No. Cellular data only. No SIM card, therefore no cell calls. It's not a phone.
  • iPhone 13 review roundup: Great cameras, incredible battery life

    How on earth is everyone reviewing it when it only arrives on Sep 24....??
    Product reviewers are routinely shipped devices early, for this purpose.
  • How the Apple TV+ adaptation of 'Foundation' differs from its source

    Since my free AppleTV+ is valid for another 8 months or so I will probably give this a watch...  although given how it appears to be little like the book I have my doubts.
    Being little like the book[s] is most likely a very good thing. If you've read all or most of the Foundation novels, you'll recall that they are largely conversations between two people. That's a bit hard to sell as a blockbuster TV series, and would also be hard to write, and act, and hard for an audience to appreciate. Which is likely why Foundation has not been adapted for the screen up to now.
  • How the Apple TV+ adaptation of 'Foundation' differs from its source

    entropys said:
    It is the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire in space. The Foundation crew were the monks preserving knowledge. That is the core story.

    I do like that 
    "Whenever I'm adapting something, I read it again or watch it again, and I try to write down what I think the core ideas are, the essential ingredients," he told Gizmodo over video chat. "In this case, because Asimov wasn't alive, I was talking to his estate, to his daughter, and I said, I want to make sure that I've identified the core ingredients that make "Foundation," "Foundation." 

    ah well, time to renew the Apple TV+ subscription for a while.

    The preservation of knowledge is actually NOT at all the core story, which you'll discover if you read the entire series. The preservation of knowledge was, instead, just a convenient cover for the true mission of the Foundation.