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  • Yahoo reaches $117.5M settlement for data breaches affecting 3 billion accounts

    Justice served.. now the industry will be careful with sensitive personal data and CEOs won’t have incentive to hide breaches over long periods like Marissa Mayer did. 4 cents per account, before attorneys fees. That’ll teach em.

    We all need to step up our push for lawmakers to fix this.
  • Zuckerberg told Facebook execs to stop using iPhone after Tim Cook privacy comments

    Absolutely he and everybody else have a responsibility to finger those who are harvesting our data for profit. Zuckerberg is even harvesting data on non users... why, because he can and it makes him money. He’ll say that Apple is just being elitist because it’s users can afford its expensive devices and don’t need to be subsidized by “free” software like Facebook and Android which harvest your data instead. What he is really saying is, Facebook is taking advantage of those who can least afford (or have little understanding) to avoid a deep and aggressive exploitation of their data trail. FB has turned freedom from personal data exploitation into a luxury.

    We need regulation on data privacy yesterday... this won’t stop until we do.  It’s too profitable. Facebook is on a tear to exploit the undeveloped world where many think Facebook is the phone OS it’s so universally relied on. Credit to Apple that they haven’t succumbed and are taking a stand.
  • Apple's next-gen 'A13' iPhone and iPad chipset will remain 7nm

    nunzy said:
    Apple skates to where the puck is going to be, but won't release a product until it is fully baked. Always.
    Homepod... puck was already there and still updating feature set to compete... Apple Watch... not fully baked first version... you could even say still not even on version 3 (no Podcast app until watchOS 5).  AppleTV... rough first model, albeit Steve released it as a hobby rather than product.  Mac Pro... Star Wars version Mac not fully baked/buggy.  I love Apple but they stub their toe all the time.  If you never stub your toe though, you’re probably playing it too safe.
  • Tim Cook talks about Steve Jobs thinking differently, Apple product philosophy

    Steve was such a curator of design and function with the ability to push his desires through Apple in a timely way.  Tim doesn’t even pretend he has those skills, but he is a supply chain genius, which Steve wasn’t.  They were a great combo and no disrespect to Tim, but Steve’s skills are the more irreplaceable.  Tim would prob agree.
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  • These Marantz and Denon receivers are AirPlay 2 compatible

    Hopefully an AirPlay 2 speaker switch from a good switchmaker... like Niles... will come soon.  Want to use AirPlay 2 to choose from various hardwired speakers in a whole home speaker system.  Will avoid having manually adjust/select from a centralized switch.