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  • iOS 16.1.1 update expected soon with Emergency SOS via Satellite, bug fixes

    ApplePoor said:
    All USA cell phones are able to dial 911 even with no service or sim as that is a requirement for the certification of the cell phone. The SOS tells you there is no sim
    in the phone so no non-emergency calls but you can dial 911
    To clarify, if "no service" means you don't have a service plan with a carrier, or it's expired, you can still call 911.  If you have "no service" because you're out of range of any carrier's tower, you're gonna be SOL even if your carrier service is in full effect.  Thus the usefulness of satellite SOS for those who frequent those types of areas.
  • Level responds to lock picking claim, says Level Lock+ exceeds standards

    To me the point here is that it’s a lot of money for a lock that provides a relatively low level of security. 
    It provides exactly the same security as the lock you have on your door now. It uses the same cylinder. Did you replace your cylinders with a higher security one? No? Then you don't really care.

    Pretty sure that is maury_markowitz' point.  It's exactly the same security, for a lot more money.  Whether the convenience features are worth that premium price is a different question which can only be answered by the purchaser, but the security features (being exactly the same) are arguably not.

    Yes, it's true that one can spend even more money to upgrade the cylinder, but that's also true of a non "smart" lock.
  • New implant allows users to control iPhone & iPad with brain

    Did y'all miss the part where at least one of the people testing this has ALS?  Think Stephen Hawking.  This tech isn't for people who just don't want to touch their phone.  It's for people who cannot control their muscles well enough to operate a phone in a consistently reliable way.

    Oh sure, "someday" there might be wider applications for tech like this, but for now it's for people with few, if any, other options.
  • 2022 iPad Pro review: World's best tablet gets M2 power boost - but not much else

    This solidifies my already mostly solid decision to go with last year's model.  Thanks for the summary.
  • Musk taps over 50 Tesla employees to make Twitter changes

    M68000 said:
    blastdoor said:
    ranson said:
    That’s could become a controversial move since Tesla is a public traded company and Twitter is his private company. So borrowing employees from a public company can get weird. 
    Not controversial at all. They will likely be paid as independent contractors by Twitter and receive a 1099 next year for tax purposes. One's original employer (Tesla in this case) cannot bar or punish the employee for simply working a second job unless it violates a non-compete or causes issues relating to performance at the original job.
    I highlighted the reason it's controversial. 

    Musk has a huge conflict of interest here. He now has a massive financial interest in Twitter and is abusing his position as CEO of Tesla to divert Tesla resources to help Twitter. That benefits him but almost certainly hurts Tesla shareholders. The only uncertainty is how much it hurts Tesla shareholders. 

    That's only an issue if he instructs them, as Tesla management, to work on Twitter stuff.  If, however, he hires them, as Twitter management, to work on Twitter stuff, the only controversy is if they do, in fact, harm Tesla in so doing.  I've been programming professionally for almost 40 years, and lots and lots of programmers moonlight without harm to their "main" employer.
    Yeah but,  this is likely bad for morale and could create employees churn and turnover in the coming weeks\months.  There is no telling how many at Tesla and now twitter are looking to jump ship as fast as they can.  Let’s not
    mention how bad this can be for productivity and health having this “moonlight” work as you call it.  

    A very many programmers I have known welcome working on different stuff from time to time.  My own moonlighting has always been a refreshing change, and even at this stage of my life I work a few side gigs from time to time just to keep my skills fresh.  I understand that in some other professions, working a second job is often viewed as a bad thing, and often is a bad thing.  Many developers don't think that way with regard to another development job.

    And FWIW, "moonlighting" is a fairly standard term, at least in the U.S., for a full time worker who takes on other jobs, whether they are related to one's main employment or not.  It's not just what I call it.