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  • Intel looking to 'avoid fighting' with Apple for TSMC's 3nm chip production

    crowley said:

    Of course, when Intel gets their own fabs up to snuff, you know you'll suffer the double whammy of losing not only the business of fabricating Intel CPUs, but Intel will then try to take as many of your other customers as they can.

    What's a body to do ... ?
    If/when Intel open a competitive foundry business they'll try to take TSMC's customers whether TSMC work with them now or not.
    Exactly.  But given the silicon supply problems, and the ever increasing demand for chips of all types for all manner of things, from ear buds to cars to home automation to rockets, there will likely be no shortage of customers for either of them, or for any others that spring up.
  • Tim Cook 'feels good' about Apple's Self Service Repair initiative

    Of course he feels good about it.  Either people will use the service, and Apple will make money, or they won't, and Apple will make money.  All that in addition to the PR bump.

  • Whistleblower casts doubt on Apple's claims that it doesn't silence employees

    If her allegations are true, then they're true.  If they're false, then they're false.  If she has evidence of Apple doing precisely what they say they do not do, then she has evidence.  If she doesn't have evidence, then she doesn't have evidence.

    What she did or didn't do at other companies is irrelevant to the veracity of those facts.
  • Driver's license support in Wallet app delayed until 'early 2022'

    My state has their own app for this, accepted by law enforcement and all states alcohol outlets. The only problem is it doesn't use the iOS Wallet so you have to unlock the device and hold it out for the LEO to take a photo/scan of it on their own device (they are trained that it's a "hands off" policy and aren't supposed to ask for possession of it, which was true in the one time I got to try it when pulled over, but who knows how good about it they are). So I welcome one that uses the Wallet which can be accessed while the device remains locked.
    This is what I'm skeptical of.  I mean, cops already do lots of things they're not supposed to do.  I myself have been stopped merely because I was passing through a neighborhood the cop didn't think I belonged in, and on another occasion because I had out of state plates.  In addition, cops are permitted to lie, so what's to stop a cop from saying that one is required to give him one's phone?  Then when some poor schlub does so, the cop can say "he let me."

    And, as another story about the various unlocking tools points out, even a locked phone isn't necessarily safe.
  • iFixit calls Apple Self Service Repair program a 'total shift in perspective'

    Xed said:
     but repairing your own device will also void the warranty. 
    One report I saw said that Apple has said that they will not automatically void the warranty if one does the kind of self repair for which Apple is providing the tools, parts, and instructions.  I'm sure there will be plenty of caveats in whatever agreement one has to enter in order to get those tools, parts, and instructions, but that's a good sign.