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  • Apple shareholders press company to reverse 'anti-competitive repair policies'

    Everyone complaining about right to repair who owns a car, at least in the US, has benefited from right to repair legislation for decades.
  • After chiding Apple on privacy, Germany says it uses Pegasus spyware

    ikir said:
    xyzzy-xxx said:
    I would bet that intelligence services of nearly all developed countries used Pegasus.
    For this reason it is important that there is a strong opposition from within the government.
    One more reason for Apple not to add technologies that enable surveillance (and may be hacked) into iOS.
    I hope that CSAM scanning on the device is now dead.
    have you see how really CSAM works? It is quite impossibile for any government to hack it by definition. And the reason the hash match (which is not a photo scan) happens on device.
    For reasons I and others have related elsewhere, not only is it not "impossible for any government to hack it," it seems probable that some government somewhere will, in fact, hack it.

    The database of image hashes is government controlled.  For those who will claim that it's an "independent" organization, no it isn't.  It's government funded, therefore it is government controlled.
  • Instagram demanding users' birthdays to enforce child safety measures

    DAalseth said:
    lkrupp said:
    Oh really? Okay, I’m 13 but I’ll enter my birth date so I’m 18 on your site. How to you plan to authenticate my age? Or is this simply CYA on your part? “She lied about her age so we are not responsible."
    Pure CYA. I plan to enter a fake date. My BD? April 15, 1905. That sound good FB?
    Reminds me of when I had a FB account with all fake data, name, BD, address, etc. One day they made a big deal of how they would start requiring real names for safety and security, and would notify anyone using a fake name. But they never called me for using Imma Actor as my name. 
    It’s all show.
    I have four separate "alternate" facebooks, only one of which sports my real name, two of which have obviously fake names.  When they announced they were going to do that, I even had documentation ready should they decide to challenge the one I actually cared about.

    Never a peep out of them.
  • Google pokes fun at Apple's Jony Ive design videos in new headphone jack ad

    mrd10 said:
    This was silly “funny”. But is anyone else TRULY over this headphone jack debate? My god, can we all get over the 3.5mm port? It’s old tech, it’s time to let it go. The number of people who actually need that port (musicians or designers, whatever) are far and few between. The most of the world does NOT “need” a headphone jack. I’m sick of hearing about it and I’m sick of this constant complaining from people it’s gone. For the few who need it, you have adapters. Now stop complaining because the majority of us don’t care. Bye. 
    Typical elitist commentary.  "I don't need that, so the WORLD doesn't need that, since the vast majority of people are normal, like me.  The rest of you peons can just do without.  If you were actually important, like me, Apple would be catering to you.  Besides, alternatives exist that cost more money, so where's the problem?" /s
  • Google pokes fun at Apple's Jony Ive design videos in new headphone jack ad

    OK, that was funny.  Silly, but well done. 🤣