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  • Apple informs Chinese customers of iCloud service handover in late February

    How do I know the iMessage user that I am communicating with is using iCloud with Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry Co. Ltd.?  How can I be sure that my / my company's information on iMessage are not leaked to be monitored by the People Republic of China and the controlling Communist Party of China?

  • Law firm that extracted $450M settlement in Apple e-books case is going after company for ...

    1. Capacity depleted up to 20% of design should not fail to deliver peak power required by the iPhone;

    2. Running down to 30% energy left after a full charge will still provide peak power required by any iPhone;

    3. Not mentioned by any battery-gate article editors that all lithium-ion batteries have their own circuit processors managing the batteries. It should not be the iOS business to throttle it.

    4. iOS should not “assume” all batteries of the same age depleting at the same rate by the iPhone model, iOS version or the time-stamp of the battery on the iPhone and throttle the iPhones accordingly!

  • Apple apologizes for iPhone slowdown controversy, will reduce out-of-warranty battery repl...

    There are many other reasons other than the depleting battery.  My iPhone 6 Pluses have 89% to 95%.  They don't shut down.  What about Apple Watch Series 2?  Why doesn't it responsive after upgraded to watchOS 4.2?  When I bought my iPhone 6 Plus as a replacement of the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 4S vs 6 Plus gave me the same experience today for comparing the iPhone 6 Plus vs iPhone X.  

    Why AppleInsider doesn't address other reasons and complaints besides the Apple official excuse of a depleting battery?

    Forget GeekBench4, it doesn't show the reality.  Is there any other apps showing you the original time and latest time required to do the following actions:

    1. to do a screenshot
    2. to delete an app
    3. to successfully perform a gesture on the touchscreen
    4. to open the camera and be able to take a picture
    5. to take a picture after the shutter button is pressed

    When I bought a new iPhone 6 Plus, all 1 to 5 actions mentioned about took only a fraction of a second.

    Now, the iPhone 6 Plus takes:
    - 6 to 10 seconds to do a screenshot
    - 20 to 40 seconds to delete an app
    - twice or multiple times to perform a gesture
    - about 10 seconds to take a picture
    - 2-3 seconds to take a picture after the shutter button is pressed

    Today, my iPhone 3GS performs the above functions similar to iPhone 4S and much faster than the iPhone 6 Plus.  And the iPhone 4S is taking a picture as fast as an iPhone X!  Why?

    In just 2 years time, I am expecting the iPhone X will be slowed down along the same way as my iPhone 6 Plus.