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  • Apple Music Classical's best feature is lost on Apple's headphones

    Most Audiophiles who care about these things will not be listening through your common run of the mill, Airpods or Sonys or Bose headphones.

    They’re more likely to go with
    Focal Bathys: $799
    B&W PX8: $699
    Mark Levinson 5909: $999

    And the above three are just the wireless “but can also do wired”, options.
    When you start getting into the wired options, then all of the above prices look like bargain basement.
  • SIM card trays may disappear from iPhone 15 in Europe

    kmarei said:
    what a stupid idea,  they obviously haven't done their research
    or they think that US, Europe and Australia are the entire world
    almost all of africa and asia don't suport esim, including china, russia, indonesia, phillipines ets
    neither do some european countres, like turkey etc

    so if you do any international travel, you are screwed
    unless you want to roam and pay a fortune
    guess they don't want to sell phones to about 2 billion people
    Don't worry.
    The EU will step in and then iPhone16 will be forced to include a regular SIM, a mini SIM and a micro SIM slot for all phones sold in its territory.
  • How Apple's worst value in a product will be a bestseller in 2023

    JP234 said:
    What's the big fuss? I haven't plugged my iPhone into a charger for 3-4 years. I use a Belkin wireless charger, and will continue to do so.
    Well good for you.
    Tell me something, can you pick the phone up from your “wireless” charger and walk about your house while it continues to charge?
    If you answered no, then Qi (inductive not wireless) chargers are no different than your standard USBC or lightning cable chargers. Just more expensive.
  • How Apple's worst value in a product will be a bestseller in 2023

    Dooofus said:
    I seriously doubt there will be a stampede for USB-C chargers. This article ignores the obvious. If someone has to buy a new iPhone charger, it's most likely going to be wireless. As well, a significant number of Apple customers who are iPad Pro owners, already have the USB-C charger/cable that has come in the box for years now. To save money and stick it to overzealous regulators, they should simply remove the charging port. 
    That would be sticking it to its customers too.
    Magsafe charging cable: $39
    USBC cable: $19
  • Apple TV+ considering bid to stream UK soccer

    For a couple of years in Canada, it was DAZN that had the rights to the EPL. They also had the Carabao (hate that name, League) cup, and all Champions and Europa League matches.
    Then last season, it’s Fubo that had the contract for the EPL and so now we lost access to Champions and Europa league. Oh and by the way, Fubo’s interface sucks big time.

    I am hoping that Apple does get the EPL streaming rights but that they can somehow get Champions League, Europa league and yes the FA Cup as well. I would gladly pay for that in one big annual subscription.