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  • Apple currently limiting M1 iPad Pro apps to 5GB RAM each

    Apple gets to make all the decisions for how a customer can use their iOS devices. Why should RAM be any different? Apple firmly believes that people are just not smart enough to make decisions like "this app is really important to my work so it should be able to use all the RAM." or "I need to manage my personal network so I am going to let this app see the MAC addresses so it can track and identify the devices I have connected to it." You absolutely can't make a decision like "I don't like all of Apple's restrictions so I will install this third party App Store."
    With the iPad Pro, the user has one and only one decision to make. Storage capacity.
    a) 128 GB
    b) 256 GB
    c) 512 GB
    d) 1 TB
    e) 2 TB

    All this talk about RAM is pointless.
    If you’ve been visiting the brothers over at MaxTech, they have videos comparing 8 GB vs 16 GB of RAM, albeit on a MacBook. 
    The performance differences are negligible, no matter what they throw at them.
    Why would the iPP be different?

    Correction, they do compare iPP of varying RAM:
  • Apple currently limiting M1 iPad Pro apps to 5GB RAM each

    qwerty52 said:
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    5GB RAM-gate?

    I bought the iPad, I should be able to use as much RAM as I want.

    That’s why the iPad cannot be used for “real work”. 

    Any other upcoming arguments I missed?
    This is why we need a third party OS. Apple shouldn’t have a monopoly on their hardware platform like this. 

    Very stupid argument.
    Do you really think Apple is doing this without any reason, but just to make the user’s life miserable?
    And in your imagination, how the third party OS is supposed to look like?
    He was joking. Look at what he replied to. 
  • Apple currently limiting M1 iPad Pro apps to 5GB RAM each

    5GB RAM-gate?

    I bought the iPad, I should be able to use as much RAM as I want.

    That’s why the iPad cannot be used for “real work”. 

    Any other upcoming arguments I missed?
  • Rumor: New MacBook Pro to debut at WWDC 2021

    Rayz2016 said:
    Carrying a hub used to bother me. Then I started working out. Now I hardly notice it. 
    That USBC hub deadlift is one tough exercise. 
  • Rumor: New MacBook Pro to debut at WWDC 2021

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    If you cannot remember to bring your USB-C hub on the go, you'll probably forget your power supply, wallet and keys too.
    Exactly. They have little USB-C to HDMI keychains, and if it were my job to give presentations regularly I'd just have one of those on me at all times. Anyone complaining about forgetting stuff that's required for their job, well not sure that's Apple's problem.

    I'll take the HDMI port return if it doesn't reduce the number of other TB3 ports, I'll never ever use it but it won't offend me by being there. :)
    While the sensationalist internet punditry likes to present a hell on earth that looks like this

    Real professionals will find an elegant solution like this for home/office use, where with just one cable you get power and all the legacy ports your heart desires

    Or if you don't want to pay Thunderbolt prices, maybe something like this will do the trick.

    It even has a VGA port. 

    But in the end, the 1st image above generates clicks while the latter two are just boring SOLUTIONS. 
    Boring solutions that can end up costing a fair chunk on top of your MacBook price, take up a load of space in your bag, and because of the port layout end up making a cable mess.

    I say that as a CalDigit TB3 Hub user, who also has an Anker 5 port dongle for away from  home work.  They're both great bits of kit, but if I could get the ports on a MacBook I'd definitely prefer it that way.
    A fair chunk? The TB3 dock $299 the USBC hub $99. The combinations are too numerous to mention here and the prices vary anywhere from $49 to $349. You only buy what you need. 

    As for the cable mess you speak of, connecting 5 peripherals total, sticking out from the sides of your laptop does not create one? 
    I know how much my hubs cost thanks.  Point is, if the ports had been on my MacBook I wouldn't have needed to buy them, and probably wouldn't have, saving myself a significant amount of money.

    Cables that all stick out from the side of your laptop are easy to manage, can even be cable tied together possibly.  Take a look at the UtechSmart hub that you posted a picture of.  If it's fully loaded then cables will be splayed out in all directions, making a mess.
    The ability to have a single cable to your laptop that provides power and breaks out several cables you'd otherwise be plugging and unplugging every time you switch locations is a life changing thing for the positive. Not sure why you'd fight that.
    First, if a cable is ‘life changing,’ you need a better life, but to the point, what USB C does is trade the convenience of one port for the inconvenience of using adapters for everything. 

    You also fail to note that USB C is not all roses. There is one port, but the function of that port is undefined so you never know what features that port has. Beyond that, you don’t know what capabilities any given USB C cable has. USB 3? Power delivery? How much power? TB? TB 3 or 4? In some ways, one can argue that USB C is worse because of the added confusion. 

    There are some people on this site who’ve evidently never forgotten anything, for whom spending an extra $300 on a hub to make that life changing cable actually do what they need it to do is a negligible sum of pocket change, and for whom carrying around extra equipment is more convenient than just carrying their laptop. For the rest of the world it’s an inconvenience at best and even more frustrating when you consider it’s functionality that virtually every other laptop has, even a POS $250 Lenovo chrome book. 
    So if I understand you correctly, your ideal high end MBP would have what?
    2 or 4 TB4 ports, 1 or 2 USBA ports, one HDMI port, one SD Card slot and one ethernet port.  So in total 6-9 ports. 

    I suggest then you stop looking at Apple laptops because I doubt they’ll ever make everyone happy.