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  • iPadOS 15 confirms Apple's M1-equipped iPad Pro is a V8 engine powering a Ford Pinto

    danvm said:
    dewme said:
    Didn’t AI recently publish an article about how the iPad Pro, even with its multi-gigabytes of system RAM, was still setting a HARD LIMIT on how much RAM an application can utilize? That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about why the current XCode will not run on the iPad Pro.

     iPadOS != macOS

    There are more underlying architectural differences between macOS and iPadOS than you may believe, despite the fact that they are rooted in a common code base at the kernel level. As long as Apple is intent on maintaining and enhancing Mac and iPad separately there will always be a gap between these two products. The “solution” to the Blown Pinto dilemma is to put macOS on the iPad Pro, the “MS Surface Model,” but Apple has not yet demonstrated a desire to do so.

    The problem with Surface Model is that it is a compromise. Another phrase for “compromise” is “both sides are losing something.” For Surface this means a shitty tablet user experience for tablet aficionados and a puny ass screen for desktop PC aficionados. With compromise everyone loses something. Apple is not yet willing to commit to pushing this sort of compromise on its customers. 
    The iPadOS is also compromised.  iPadOS is an excellent as a tablet, but as soon as you add keyboard + trackpad it's terrible.  That's the opposite from the Surface, which is not that good as a tablet (even though Apple had to copy some elements, like multitasking and side-by-side apps) but it's very good with keyboard + trackpad.  At the end, every device has some compromise.  Now we have to wait and see what they do with iPad.  Are they going to keep the current set of compromises we are seeing today, or they will move to a "Surface (toaster / fridge)" device/?  It think we'll have the answer in the next few years.  
    The MS Surface is a PC, not a tablet. It runs a desktop OS. 
    Why would developers even bother redesigning any of their apps if the regular Windows 10 version works just fine?
    Why would users bother learning a new interface if they can always fall back to their regular keyboard/trackpad habits?

    In the end MS Surface is just a very compact PC with some tablet capabilities. I call that a toaster/oven (I really do think toaster/fridge is an exaggeration). 
    Not a great toaster (often burns it) and not a great oven, unless your diet strictly consists of Mozzarella sticks and Pizza pockets. 

  • Apple Music defaults to non-Spatial Audio downloads, forces deletion or re-download

    CiaranF said:
    Tried listening to a few songs with Dolby Atmos and didn’t like it. With AirPods Pro I found it sounded more mono and actually prefer the stereo version. Anyone else agree?
    I listened to a few tracks and they sounded horrible. 
    I saw a difference on the Marvin Gaye's "What's going on" with Zane Lowe's comments superimposed. 
    Mono --> Stereo was noticeable 
    Stereo --> Spatial not as much, but I wouldn't say that it sounded worse than stereo. 

    I have the Beats Studio 3 which is probably not the best set of headphones to sample this. 
  • Apple previews iPadOS 15 with home screen widget support, system-wide notes

    mr. h said:
    thedba said:
    k2kw said:
    Apple “another work around because we won’t allow you to run MacOs on the iPad.”
    If you want to run MacOS, then get a Mac. 
    If you want to run iPadOS, then get an iPad. 
    OOF! Way to miss the point.

    There are things that iPad hardware can do, that Mac hardware cannot. There are things that macOS can do that iPadOS cannot. Seriously, I'm amazed by the number of people who seemingly lack the required imagination to invisage how running the more advanced OS on the more advanced hardware, might be useful for some people. 

    If you wish to use the iPad as a tablet, clearly iPadOS is the way to go. But many wish to use it more like a laptop, with pencil input or occasional touch input (where that is better than mouse/trackpad) - hence the magic keyboard. It's in this latter situation where the iPad would unquestionably be dramatically enhanced by the ability to boot macOS. 
    No point was missed. In fact you cherry picked part of my post to make your point.
    If you want to be able to use touch or pen input on a full desktop OS, then Windows is the way to go today. 
    Like I and many others have already mentioned in other threads, if that was the computing Nirvana, that many think it is, then Apple would’ve been calling it quits on iPadOS by now and touch based Macs would’ve already been announced. The Windows world has been at it since the original iPad was announced. 

    My original point still stands. If the iPad and iPadOS can complement your existing workflow then great. Don’t look for it to fully replace your Mac. If not, then Mac is the way to go. And beyond work, iPad is the best device for leisurely activities. Including personal banking, staying in touch with far away loved ones, reading a book etc. 
  • Apple previews iPadOS 15 with home screen widget support, system-wide notes

    k2kw said:
    Apple “another work around because we won’t allow you to run MacOs on the iPad.”
    If you want to run MacOS, then get a Mac. 
    If you want to run iPadOS, then get an iPad. 

    I think your expectations were way too high for iPadOS at WWDC21, considering that it is meant to run the same OS that goes into the iPad/iPad mini/iPad Air.

    If you want to replace your aging Mac, then get another Mac. 
    If on the other hand you want or can complement your existing workflow with an iPad then the iPad Pro is a great tool. I already know how I can complement (not replace) my workflow with it. 
    On top of that, the iPad is my most used device when I'm not working. 
  • HBO Max ditches tvOS API for homegrown solution, chaos ensues

    Appleish said:
    Sigh. Apple needs to FORCE content providers to use their tech standards so all apps work the same. Make the 'walled garden' work in our favor. Our discounted rate just ended. Goodbye HBO Max.
    I 2nd that.
    Another app which moved away from Apple’s design standards is DAZN.
    On the trackpad Siri remote, when you swipe down, all apps bring up the Home/Subtitles/Audio menu. Netflix/Prime Video/TV+ are all consistent.
    Not DAZN, swiping down brings the multi view menu on their app.
    Very annoying if you ask me.