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  • Apple will frame iPhone 15 USB-C switch as a consumer win

    Many iPhone owners who don’t hang around tech forums, will see this as an Apple money grab forcing the poor user to buy more cables.
    For so many of us who own multiple Apple devices it won’t make that much of a difference.
    We already have iPads, Macs that already can be charged via USBC. 

    As far as the “environment” is concerned, this won’t do much other than tick someone’s check box.  
  • New iMac rumors: Apple Silicon M3, largest model ever, and more

    The 27” iMac was a great machine. Main problem is that every CPU upgrade means tossing a very good monitor. 
    That's the very nature of all in ones and laptops. 
  • New iMac rumors: Apple Silicon M3, largest model ever, and more

    SNJOps said:
    I love to see a new 27 inch or bigger iMac Pro. The Mac Studio is out of my budget:
    The iMac Pro base model cost $4999.
    Today's Mac Studio base model costs $1999, throw in a 27" Studio display for $1599 = $3598. Add to that Keyboard and mouse and track pad and you are still under the "starts at" price of the old iMac Pro.  And we still haven't adjusted prices for inflation. 
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  • New EU regulations mandate user-replaceable batteries in Apple products

    Evan-el said:
    mayfly said:
    ... making the RAM and SSDs replaceable/upgradeable again!
    While I agree in theory, the reality is that integrated boards improve reliability. In addition, the computers and phone which never receive any type of dedicated updates (and often from companies that have no strategy to update the software) make phone and computers feel like they have run their course, when in reality the hardware is still fine and needs no upgrades. I'd rather see EU focus on dedicated software support, than on mandating certain hardware requirements. However, since software is generally "invisible" in nature, the higher ups can't quite comprehend the benefit of good software in the long run, vs. fully user replaceable hardware.
    I would say that what the EU could do, is reign in "extended warranties" like Apple-Care. 
    I know there was a lawsuit in Italy a few years ago and they were forced to extend the manufacturers warranty by a year instead of peddling to the customer "Apple Care". I don't know if this was extended to the rest of the EU. 
    Forcing all manufacturers to offer 2-3 year guarantees on their expensive gadgets, would be legislation many of us could get behind.
    OTOH forcing a certain engineering design on the manufacturer is just plain ignorant. 
    Let the market decide. Companies like BlackBerry insisted that physical keyboards were a must have according to their customers. Well turns out their customers didn't care as much as they thought they would, for physical keyboards. 
    If the public really believes that swappable batteries of old are important, then in a few years Apple won't be able to give away their iPhones. 
  • iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro: What the rumors say is coming out this fall

    designr said:
    charlesn said:
    Most boring iPhone Pro update ever? it's beginning to look that way. Assuming the blank machined bodies that AI got its hands on are correct, the design looks identical to the 14 Pro except for incremental differences--I'm not seeing any sign of curved edges that would have softened the slabby appearance and given it a more polished, premium look. To no one's surprise, there's USB-C thanks to the EU gun pointed at Apple's head, which will be a bit more interesting if the Pro models get Thunderbolt speeds at the port. Otherwise... Zzzzzzzz. The Pro Max will (finally) get a better optical zoom range with its periscope lens, but hard to get all that excited about "new" features that other premium phones have had for a few years. And then, of course, there will be a new processor that will double (of whatever) iPhone speed so that what used to take 1/50th of a second will now take 1/100th of a second, which will be great news for those whose to-do lists are broken out in fraons of a second. Maybe we'll get Wifi 6E? And then the latest "special color" rumor is blue with a gray undertone because apparently Apple believes that video/photography creatives who are big buyers of the iPhone Pro don't want anything resembling an actual color. 

    None of the above is bad, per se, it's just a snoozefest, and even the rumor mill doesn't suggest otherwise. 
    Welcome to a mature product category. The evolution and innovation have been slowing for years. It's the nature of the beast. The fact is Apple doesn't really need to make each year's update so compelling to attract last year's iPhone buyers. They just need to keep evolving and people a couple of generations (or more) behind will eventually upgrade and some Android users might convert.

    That’s exactly it. I will be getting this new iPhone 15 Pro, whether it has a USBC or not. Whether is has a periscope lense or not.
    Why? Because my current iPhone XS is starting to get old and I am quite certain that there are tens of millions of customers like myself who will be upgrading as well.
    So like in previous years, Apple does not need to attract last year’s iPhone buyers to the upgrade party.