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  • Apple Music Classical's best feature is lost on Apple's headphones

    Most Audiophiles who care about these things will not be listening through your common run of the mill, Airpods or Sonys or Bose headphones.

    They’re more likely to go with
    Focal Bathys: $799
    B&W PX8: $699
    Mark Levinson 5909: $999

    And the above three are just the wireless “but can also do wired”, options.
    When you start getting into the wired options, then all of the above prices look like bargain basement.
  • SIM card trays may disappear from iPhone 15 in Europe

    kmarei said:
    what a stupid idea,  they obviously haven't done their research
    or they think that US, Europe and Australia are the entire world
    almost all of africa and asia don't suport esim, including china, russia, indonesia, phillipines ets
    neither do some european countres, like turkey etc

    so if you do any international travel, you are screwed
    unless you want to roam and pay a fortune
    guess they don't want to sell phones to about 2 billion people
    Don't worry.
    The EU will step in and then iPhone16 will be forced to include a regular SIM, a mini SIM and a micro SIM slot for all phones sold in its territory.
  • USB-C on iPhone 15 might still require MFi certified cables

    longfang said:
    Just remove the port entirely i say. Wireless all the way.
    While that may suit you, it’s going to be a nuisance for millions of new portless iPhone customers.
    You open your new portless iPhone box you get a magsafe charging cable. So far so good.
    Well now you need an extra cable for the kitchen. Yep used to cost $19 now that price went up to $39.
    How about the car? There’s another $39.
    Oh one more thing. Let’s stop calling Qi chargers with magnets wireless. It’s “inductive charging”.
    WiFi is wireless. LTE is wireless. MagSafe/Qi chargers are not.
  • AirPods Max review: Two years later the headphones hold up

    The biggest problem with the current version of the AirPods Max is its age.
    It's already a two year old set of headphones and in terms of audio quality, it's already been surpassed by others in the same price bracket (think Focal Bathys and B&W PX8).
    It's also no longer the top ANC headphone, the more recent Sony XM5 has surpassed it.

    The other problem with the APM, IMO is not hardware problem but more of a music format problem. I had high hopes for Spatial Audio/Dolby Atmos music and so far it's been a let down.  When listening to music, I always turn "head tracking off", it's more annoying than anything else. I also find that the non Dolby version of the song is more often better sounding. There are exceptions, but they're few and far between.  One really good piece in Dolby Audio in the Apple Music library is "Riders in the Storm", The Doors. 
    That being said, Dolby Audio in movies is pretty damned good.

    The cable issue, really is a non-issue IMO.  I haven't seen anyone complain about Apple Watch connector not being USBC. In fact that cable  can only charge one thing.
    Lightning on the other hand can charge APM, Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, iPhone, other AIrPods.  But I also won't complain if they go USBC in some future iteration.
    Really a first world problem, in the end.

    It would be nice if they do take a page out of Focal's playbook and add an onboard DAC that can interpret Apple Lossless when wired to iPad, iPhone or Mac, without downsampling if possible. 
  • From Lightning to USB-C: The long road, and the road ahead

    dlt said:
    The EU needs to remember they would be speaking German today if not for the United States. 
    I have several expensive charging stands for my iPhone and Apple Watch. I bet they are not gonna reimburse me for their cost when I have to buy new ones. 
    Apple should stop selling their product in the EU. See how long it takes for the people to raise enough hell with the EU that they change their tune. 
    What does WWII have to do with this EU regulation? Should all American companies be exempt from EU regulations or just Apple?

    When was the last time any government or company reimburse anyone when standards changed? Were people reimbursed when Apple changed 30 pin to Lightning?
    When USBA was being phased out in favour of USBC on Apple computers?
    Why should EU citizens be reimbursed for this?

    As to your last comment, why would Apple drop such a lucrative market?  Business is obviously not your strong point, not to mention history.