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  • From Lightning to USB-C: The long road, and the road ahead

    This iPhone Lightning vs USBC debate, is being met with one big yawn from the world outside online tech forums.
    While it may be somewhat important to the less than 1% of users who may have a need of transferring large files from iPhone to the other device, fact is that most of us will only use that port to charge.
    And as most iPhone users on the planet have remained loyal to Apple, we have amassed a plethora of cables and charging docks over the years that changing this would be more of a slight headache, rather than a plus. 
    But the day that Apple decides that future iPhones will come with a USBC instead of lightning, is also the day that many in media-land will be crying out "bloody murder" at Apple for having the "gall" to change their charging port "again", thus forcing the poor populace to spend their money on new charging cables/docs. 
    In the meantime EU regulators will remain quiet at all the countless SD cards that many throw away for more storage, USBA connectors on modern PC's, various incompatible charging cables for different PC manufacturers and all the HDMI cables still being sold but soon thrown away because they can't handle a 4K signal. 
  • Compared: Apple Studio Display vs Alogic Clarity Monitor

    timmillea said:
    In previous years, the Apple premium was for excellence in design. Now Jobs and Ive have gone, and new products are feeding through, that is no longer the case. Apple are starting to put out mediocre products, bigger, heavier and more expensive than those they replace. The Mac Studio should have been a Mac Mini. The Studio display should have been exactly the Pro Display but at one third of the price. Apple will continue with a momentum of brand loyalty but these mediocre products are slowing the flywheel and if they continue without design excellence, their USP will expire and the the flywheel will lose all its momentum. 
    I'm sure that Apple, Dell, Samsung, LG are all anxiously waiting for your CV because you figured out how to make a 6K monitor with, what is it, 500 local dimming zones, at $2000, while the rest of those loosers are still hacking away at only 4K and 5K monitors.  
    We're all waiting with bated breath for your solution to come out.
  • Apple's iPhone 15 will be first with USB-C, claims Kuo

    jcs2305 said:
    For USB-C Magic Mouse, please have the charging port on the side and frontal. Currently I have 2 Magic Mouses because of the dumb charging port on the bottom. I wonder if that's Jony Ive's decision.
    I never got the uproar over this?  Plug it in for 2 minutes and go get some coffee or a drink of water stretch your legs B)

    A full charge takes as little as two hours, while a quick two minutes of charging is enough to give you nine hours of use before the mouse needs a refill.

    You would think that after a couple of times of having their mouse run out of juice, they would’ve learned their lesson by now. Maybe a repeating reminder every 10th week to charge your keyboard and mouse?

    Second observation, don’t they ever take a lunch break? Say 30 minutes charge during lunch will definitely get you through the day. 

    Such first world problems many of them have.
  • Tested: Mac Studio with M1 Max vs. Mac Studio with M1 Ultra

    Tech607 said:
    I am not trying to be argumentative but look at this. Come on $6000 and $1000 for the stand. Did the price of aluminum go up or something. Just acknowledge that this is gouging and I will concede to the rest of your argument. 

    While this may sound outrageous to you, there is a market for these items you described above.

    For instance would you ever consider buying one of these?

    And if so, then you'll probably need a few of these

    And we haven't even gotten to the lenses or the microphones or the other accessories.

    Bottom line, none of the items you or I described are probably made for us. But there are "professional" studios out there that do make use of these, in fact their businesses depend on it.  A $1000 stand isn't breaking their bank account any time soon.
  • New MacBook Pro models limited to HDMI 2.0

    sflocal said:
    thedba said:
    Translation:  They are NOT SO PRO!  Spend all that money and still no 2.1 port...  *SMH*
    OMG what are we to do?
    (Price seen below is in Canadian dollars)

    This is the problem with these online sellers.  HDMI 2.1 is 48gb/s and Thunderbolt tops out at 40gb/s.  One cannot run HDMI 2.1 and 4K@120hz over Thunderbolt and these cheap Chinese knockoffs just through misleading advertisements like these.
    Someone please explain to me how an M1Pro MBP can support 2 external 6K Apple XDR displays at 60Hz, M1 Max can support 3 external 6K Apple XDR displays at 60Hz but somehow a Τhunterbolt to HDMI cable downgrades all this to 4K 60Hz?