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  • New MacBook Pro models limited to HDMI 2.0

    Translation:  They are NOT SO PRO!  Spend all that money and still no 2.1 port...  *SMH*
    OMG what are we to do?
    (Price seen below is in Canadian dollars)

  • New MacBook Pro models limited to HDMI 2.0

    seanj said:
    entropys said:
    Yes it should. Hardly anyone has USBc projectors. But they all have hdmi.
    Who on Earth has projectors in this day and age?
    Never use HDMI ports, DP is so superior.
    Many conference rooms use them. 
    The problem with many of these so called pros you hear from in these forums, is the constant whining of how come Apple took away such and such port from their beloved Mac circa 2012 or whatever. 
    Part of being a “pro” is planning ahead of time for your presentations. As part of that planning you call ahead and find out what technology said conference room or auditorium is using. If it’s HDMI and your laptop does not have that port, then you make sure to carry a TB3 —> HDMI adapter with you. 

    Now Apple has brought back the HDMI port on the MBP but we still have someone on this forum complaining that its HDMI 2.0 and not HDMI 2.1. 

    Can’t please everyone I guess. 
  • Compared: Microsoft's Surface Pro 8 vs 12.9-inch iPad Pro

    darkvader said:
    What a silly article.

    The Surface is a computer.  Not a great computer, but an actual computer that you can install any software you want on it.

    The iPad is a toy, stuck in a walled garden app store.
    You're absolutely correct. 
    If only apps like these

    could be available on the iPad app store.

    Oh, wait....
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  • Apple Music defaults to non-Spatial Audio downloads, forces deletion or re-download

    CiaranF said:
    Tried listening to a few songs with Dolby Atmos and didn’t like it. With AirPods Pro I found it sounded more mono and actually prefer the stereo version. Anyone else agree?
    I listened to a few tracks and they sounded horrible. 
    I saw a difference on the Marvin Gaye's "What's going on" with Zane Lowe's comments superimposed. 
    Mono --> Stereo was noticeable 
    Stereo --> Spatial not as much, but I wouldn't say that it sounded worse than stereo. 

    I have the Beats Studio 3 which is probably not the best set of headphones to sample this. 
  • What to expect from WWDC 2021 - and what not to

    asdasd said:
    dotcomcto said:
    I really want to hear Apple announce that M1 apps from the Mac App Store will be able to run directly on the M1 iPad Pro. I just don't get the purpose of a 16 GB RAM/1 or 2 TB M1 iPad Pro unless the device will be able to run Mac apps (vs 8 GB RAM/256 or 512 GB models). I suppose I get it for high end video editing, but other than that, I don't get its purpose otherwise.
    I think Apple will, but not the way you think or hope for, or anyone seems to be aware of. 
    It seems obvious to me that Apple will make the iPad Pro instantly dual boot: as soon as you’ll connect your mouse or an external screen, iPadOS will offer to switch to macOS, effectively converting you 13” iPad in a 13” ‘MacBook’. Why not? That wouldn’t be a compromise, for the screen as well as the rest of the hardware of the iPad Pro is perfectly capable of running a desktop class OS…   

    Disconnecting you screen could simply offer you to return to iOS…

    It surprises me that no one else on the internet seems to consider this possibility…?
    It’s been mentioned here dozens of times. And still It’s an incredibly stupid idea, like all the merging of macOS and iPadOS ideas. 
    I don’t think you’ve read my comment. I’m explicitly NOT talking about merging. I’m talking about being able to distinctly run either macOS or iPadOS on the same device. The iPad Pro (especially the 12.9” version and more especially the exorbitant 16Gb 1Tb+ version) is ready for it.
    OK how do you handle it then?
    iPad docked in magic keyboard ==> running MacOS.
    Undock the iPad and ==> MacOS goes to sleep and iPad OS wakes?
    What happens to your Excel spreadsheet in MacOS? It goes to sleep when you undock and don't have access to it any longer because you're now in iPad OS and the Excel version for that OS, is strictly sandboxed? 
    What happens to you mobile bank app in iPad OS if you suddenly sit down and dock your iPad to the Magic Keyboard? It disappears? Are you expecting it to automatically transition you to the bank's web page? 
    All of this may sound easy but am quite certain that it will cause major headaches to the software engineering team that takes up that challenge, not to mention app developers. 
    In the end, if you want a lightweight MacOS device, then MacBook Air may be your best bet. If you wait 'till October you may even get a smaller lighter redesigned for Apple Silicon version of it.