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  • Apple currently limiting M1 iPad Pro apps to 5GB RAM each

    Apple gets to make all the decisions for how a customer can use their iOS devices. Why should RAM be any different? Apple firmly believes that people are just not smart enough to make decisions like "this app is really important to my work so it should be able to use all the RAM." or "I need to manage my personal network so I am going to let this app see the MAC addresses so it can track and identify the devices I have connected to it." You absolutely can't make a decision like "I don't like all of Apple's restrictions so I will install this third party App Store."
    With the iPad Pro, the user has one and only one decision to make. Storage capacity.
    a) 128 GB
    b) 256 GB
    c) 512 GB
    d) 1 TB
    e) 2 TB

    All this talk about RAM is pointless.
    If you’ve been visiting the brothers over at MaxTech, they have videos comparing 8 GB vs 16 GB of RAM, albeit on a MacBook. 
    The performance differences are negligible, no matter what they throw at them.
    Why would the iPP be different?

    Correction, they do compare iPP of varying RAM:
  • Ex-Apple customer relations staffer fixes iPhone bug by switching to Android

    crowley said:
    Heh, I had a suspicion that some of my notifications were getting lost, good to have it confirmed.
    Your presumed lost notifications were confirmed by some anonymous used on ZDNet?
  • Canadian PM Justin Trudeau busted using fake Mac with Apple sticker

    amar99 said:
    Lmao, doubters. So when have you last seen a Mac of ANY model with that many ports on the RIGHT side of the device? Even my 10 year old 17 inch MacBook Pro has all of its ports on the LEFT side.
    My 2015 15" MBP has (from back to front)  USB Type A, HDMI, SD Card Slot, so 3 ports on the right hand side. 

    On a side note, all three of our officials in Quebec (premier François Legault, health minister Christian Dubé and head of public health Horacio Arruda) all come out on stage sporting their iPad Pros with Magic Keyboard. Pretty sure it's the A12Z model due to the camera bump (two lenses plus Lidar). 
  • Apple's iMac predicted to overtake HP and lead the All-in-One market

    For comparison HP All-in-one computers start at $600, the cheapest iMac is $1300.
    Of the 9 All-in-one computers from HP, more than half are under the $1,300 price point.

    I dare say the revenue in this category is vastly different between the two companies.
    Here is the $600 HP all in one.

    Intel i3.......Hmmmm OK!
    DVD Writer .........   :D
    Full HD (1920x1080) ......... 'nuff said.

    I'm sure it has its market somewhere but we can easily why it costs that little. 
  • Apple's Lisa Jackson says a green economy is better for the planet and business

    I just saw last night, the latest AppleTV+ documentary “The year earth changed” and it really puts it in perspective how much human activity interferes with everything. 

    As for Mr. “my F350 is an extension of you know my what..... “, he just went on my ignore list.