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  • If iPhone X demand is less than expected, analyst expects it to be 'end of life' when repl...

    I work at a carrier store and I can tell you it is by a large margin the most popular phone in our store. I was actually surprised. I thought people would be interested but get scared off by the price but that has not been the case. 
  • T-Mobile offers up to $700 off second iPhone in latest promo

    You read it wrong. You can trade in all the way back to the 5s but purchase must be 7 or newer
  • AT&T announces plans to launch mobile 5G service in 12 cities by end of 2018

    volcan said:
    mavemufc said:

    Why don't you get more data on your plan then? I've got 100GB on my new iPhone 10.
    How much does that cost and what carrier are you on?

    We've got 5GB and it costs nearly $100 on AT&T, that is if we don't go over but we often do so it costs even more.
    If you are on a plan with overages with AT&T then you’re on an old plan. Go into a store and see about the newer plans. They are cheaper and don’t have overage charges 
  • Advanced TrueDepth camera, Face ID "major drivers" of iPhone X user satisfaction

    Bacillus3 said:

    Now that any less than stellar iPhX experiences here are structurally being denied and met with hate - also ref. Rem.Koolhaas personal experience - that says more about the misanthrope nature of "defenders" than anyting else.
    Sadly for them, people retain the right to dislike a product (whether a BMW, Ferrari, or iPhone X) because of it characteristics or price/performance ratio.
    This all proves their ability to handle criticism as well as some narcists on the Apple Board.
    And for some, the need to justify an over $1k-purchase
    It’s not about hate or anything else you just mentioned. I don’t care if someone says hey I don’t think the iPhone X is worth the price. Heck I own one and I’m not sure if it is. What I can tell you is that it’s easily the best phone I’ve ever owned and a lot of fun to use. I do have an issue with trolls spreading false information about the way the phone works. The amount of FUD about this phone is off the charts. People who obviously have never used the phone complaining about things that aren’t really issues with the phone for people who actually own the phone. Maybe, just maybe, the people that own and use the phone know more about it than those that read something in twitter or Facebook 
  • Advanced TrueDepth camera, Face ID "major drivers" of iPhone X user satisfaction

    wizard69 said:
    I suspect what many of you seem to mis here is that features (good or bad) are not good enough to overcome iPhones high price for a good segment of the market.  The question of a feature being liked by current buyers does not indicate that demand will remain high.   I can see Apple needing to selling the X at a significant discount next quarter to drive sales.   2018 could be the first year ever where Apple has to discount a 4 month old phone.   
    I would agree with this opinion except for the fact that I work in cell phone sales. I’m amazed at how many people, even non techy people, are purchasing the X. I would have guessed early adopters would go with the X and the masses would’ve gone with the 8 or 8 Plus, but that has not been the case in my store. Maybe now that Christmas is over the story will be different but so far the demand, even among average users, for the iPhone X has been sky high