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  • Advanced TrueDepth camera, Face ID "major drivers" of iPhone X user satisfaction

    wizard69 said:
    I suspect what many of you seem to mis here is that features (good or bad) are not good enough to overcome iPhones high price for a good segment of the market.  The question of a feature being liked by current buyers does not indicate that demand will remain high.   I can see Apple needing to selling the X at a significant discount next quarter to drive sales.   2018 could be the first year ever where Apple has to discount a 4 month old phone.   
    I would agree with this opinion except for the fact that I work in cell phone sales. I’m amazed at how many people, even non techy people, are purchasing the X. I would have guessed early adopters would go with the X and the masses would’ve gone with the 8 or 8 Plus, but that has not been the case in my store. Maybe now that Christmas is over the story will be different but so far the demand, even among average users, for the iPhone X has been sky high 
  • Advanced TrueDepth camera, Face ID "major drivers" of iPhone X user satisfaction

    tango81 said:
    tango81 said:
    I don’t own an X, I have used one first hand.
    I set two up for close relatives. 
    The positives:

    the OLED screen
    the OLED screen
    the OLED screen!!

    The negatives:
    TouchID (2nd gen) is faster
    TouchID is one step to unlock
    Notch blocks video, super annoying for me who enjoying watching videos in landscape
    Scroll bar blocked in landscape. Super annoying for me who surfs the web. 
    Aspect ratio is all wrong. iPhone 6 & 6 Plus can be used in full screen to watch video. 

    For £1,000, that’s too many compromises. Hopefully next year the iPhone 9 should eliminate many if not all of these. 
    Another guy who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The notch does not block video, unless you willfully choose to zoom-in on your video, which I never did even on pre-X models because doing so chops off the sides of the video content. 

    Face ID is the same number of steps as Touch ID — one. Swipe up. That’s it. And it's even fewer steps than Touch ID if you want to view notification details (ex: iMessage contents) -- simply look at screen, no need to perform any action.

    No idea what you’re talking about with scrolling in safari in landscape, works fine here, with scroll bars no identical to vertical. But I actually have one, so...
    The notch does block video, unless you change the zoom setting. 
    TouchId is one click to unlock and get to home screen. FaceId you need to look at the phone, wait, then swipe up.

    This covers some other issues with the user experience:
    It’s amazing, every word you just said is wrong. 

    The notch by default does not cut off video, you have to zoom in for it to cut into video. It plays in 16:9 aspect ratio by default.  Also you didn’t my have to wait to swipe up with Face ID. It’s all one motion. 
  • Advanced TrueDepth camera, Face ID "major drivers" of iPhone X user satisfaction

    After using iPhone X for about 1 month:

    To me Touch ID is superior to Face ID. Face ID fails more often and requires me to type in a passcode. Especially in a car, using Apple Pay  or when watching content in landscape mode (which Face ID doesn’t ‘read’) the weakness of this system is the most apparent.

    The Apple Pay issue has already been addressed by another poster but I was curious about your other issues. If you are a passenger in a car I’m not sure why Face ID isn’t working. Otherwise you shouldn’t be using your phone while driving. And I’m not sure I understand why you would need to use Face ID while watching something in landscape mode. I agree I would like it so work in landscape but it’s usually a non issue and I’m not sure I’ve ever had cause to use either Face ID or Touch ID while already watching something in landscape. 
    I think Face ID is largely on par with Touch ID for unlocking the phone and is much more useful for iCloud Keychain and unlocking apps. I open my banking app and as soon as the app is open it initiates Face ID and I’m inside the app without any further action in my part. I love it. 
  • Watch: Five ways iPhone X could be better

    I would like the option to show the battery percentage without having to open control center. I understand space is limited but I would rather have the percentage than the bar. 
  • Watch: Five ways iPhone X could be better

    tyler82 said:
    1) Notch
    The notch is a non issue for me. 90% of the time I’m using the phone in portrait not landscape and I don’t notice it at all. While watching videos, I prefer to keep the original aspect ratio so the notch doesn’t come into play then either.